How to properly maintain your digital projects during the summer and holidays?

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The sun, the sea, the bathing suits or the mountains: summer is coming! As you know, the holidays have just begun! Are you planning to leave to make the most of your holidays? Who says holidays, says no headache and above all don't think about work! However, there are a few small details you need to sort out before you walk through the doors of your company!

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If you have a website, an e-commerce site or a mobile application, have you thought about maintaining them in your absence? We remind you that web maintenance is essential! It must ensure the high security of your site, its durability and above all its proper functioning to allow an optimal experience for your visitors.

Your company or department may be at a standstill this summer. To avoid hiring a developer or community manager, have you considered outsourcing the maintenance of your website and the management of your digital marketing? Now is where we come in.

Why use on-site developers?

First of all, an outsourced developer or technical assistance has the advantage of being your immediately available collaborator to continue your project without being your employee. His mission is to help you meet your needs on technologies that you do not master and for which he has the skills and expertise.

By outsourcing this production, you have the advantage of having an immediate technical team that will strengthen your teams and guarantee the quality of your digital services and your deadlines as part of a scalable maintenance project.

By using remote web developers in a dedicated control room, you will save time, flexibility and also money because they will take care of your project 100% and you don't need to resort to hiring.

Our web agency offers web management services to take charge of your digital project. Our dedicated teams offer you contracts for IT services whether for web development, e-commerce, intranet, extranet, business services or to develop your mobile application. We also offer tailor-made Tierce Application Maintenance services to keep your systems operational after their creation by responding to your needs.

In addition, if you are a company looking for a service provider able to provide bilingual French/English in-house developers, Esokia has the advantage of having its service centers in Mauritius, Madagascar and Serbia which are English and French speaking countries.

Use the services of a Community Manager or a content editor to feed your social networks and your blog!

Even if holidays mean rest, don't forget that it's also a time when people will still spend time on social networks! So they should not be neglected.

For this, we have the solution! Use an expert Community Manager who will continue to increase your e-reputation in your community. He or she will take care of moderation (for comments and private messages) and will regularly post publications so that they appear in your followers' news feeds.

Moreover, did you know that social networks also allow you to improve your SEO? They will give you more credibility and especially visibility. They can also influence future visitors to your website.

If you also have a blog, you must continue to feed it and enrich it! Our experienced editors produce SEO-optimized blog posts so that they are conducive to sharing and above all meet the expectations of your potential customers.

Contact our Digital Marketing team so that they can take care of your reputation on your social networks or offer you copywriting services!

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