Third Party Application Maintenance (TMA)

Do you want to outsource the maintenance of your site or application?
Esokia offers a tailor-made TMA that will meet your needs.

Third Party Application Maintenance (TMA) is a maintenance solution for your website provided by Esokia.

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The TMA represents outsourcing maintenance of the sites/applications of the company which can be whole or partial. Esokia offers to keep your operating systems (websites/apps) after their creations to meet your needs.
Esokia can perform maintenance on CMS, such as Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop, Sitefinity, ...

Maintaining one's website is a necessity and a requirement for any business, regardless of its size.

The challenges of maintenance

Your site is an open window to the world with a significant impact on the perception of your products or services. It is therefore important that its content, modules and plug-ins are up to date.

Every business needs regular maintenance of its site in order to:

  • introduce new products or services
  • maximize your positioning in the search engines
  • engage and create opportunities
  • convert and generate income
  • increase your visibility, attract and build customer loyalty

Key points of maintenance

5 things are important in maintenance management:

1 → Scalability

  • Adding new features
  • Improved design and user experience
  • Optimization of the app, site ...

2 → Security

  • Reduced risk of system failures
  • Optimal functionality with the update of plugins and software used

3 → Freedom

  • Refocusing on the core business by unloading IT maintenance

4 → Availability and visibility

  • Failure management for visibility and access to your services 24h / 24h

5 → Proactivity

  • Advice
  • Competence
  • Expertise
  • Audit


What we propose to you


In addition to corrective, preventive and scalable maintenance, Esokia covers:

the management of maintenance activities via specialized software

  • With a hotline and ticketing service
    To solve your problems quickly, with time tracking and ticket management
  • Governance and management of activities
    We carry out reporting, operational and strategic planning

maintaining competence and continuity of service

  • The service level agreement
    We define with you the expected quality of service via chosen KPI's
  • Continuity of expertise
    We guarantee you the durability of our skills

superficial or minor changes

  • We help you edit and update content


Our methodology

A four-step approach

Step 1 - Piloting the service

  • Establishment of a managing and strategic committee
  • Implementation of a progress plan

Step 2 - Implementing Tools

  • Ownership of the solution
  • Definition of the organization
  • Process validation
  • Setting up remote connections and communication tools

Step 3 - Exploitation of the device

  • Processing of the following requests, the defined process
  • Monthly activity reporting
  • Respect of SLA
  • Continuous Improvement Plan

Step 4 - Reversibility

  • Longitudinal tasks
  • Knowledge transfer to the target team



French leader in fleet management software.


  • Set up a dedicated team to manage the TMA.
  • Add features.

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