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Approximately 130 million smartphones are sold per month worldwide! In recent years, this means of telecommunication has taken a very important place in our society. Do you have someone in your surroundings who doesn't have a phone? The answer is highly unlikely to be "yes".

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The market for mobile applications has been growing steadily over the last decade.

"Did you know that in 2019, the number of application downloads worldwide surpassed the 200 billion milestone?"

Given these important numbers, why should you now jump at the opportunity to create your own mobile application? Get even closer to your customers by making it easier for them to stay connected with you!

Why a mobile solution?

The main objective of an application is to save time for mobile users and also to reduce their search efforts.

Thanks to this mobile solution, you will be able to strengthen your brand image in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Also, if you have an e-commerce site, it is imperative for you to design an app because nearly a quarter of e-commerce is now done through the mobile.

What types of mobile applications exist?

  • Web App Responsive: specifically designed to optimize display on mobiles and tablets.
  • Native Application: developed specifically for a single operating system (such as Android or iOS).
  • Mobile Hybrid Application: a single application running efficiently on multiple platforms.
  • Progressive Web App: a perfect combination of responsive site and mobile app.

Would you like to know more about the types of mobile applications? You can read our comparative article on mobile application solutions.

What are the advantages of a mobile application?

  • An improvement of your company's brand image ;
  • A stronger loyalty from your customers;
  • To be able to meet the needs as well as the expectations of your target;
  • To promote customer involvement by facilitating the exchange;
  • To increase the visibility of your company in order to win future potential customers.
  • Allows you to improve the user experience (UX) on mobile compared to the responsive version of a website.

Which mobile platform should you use for your application?

Your mobile application for smartphone or tablet will be realized with recent and mastered technologies on which our teams are regularly trained such as iOS SDK, Android SDK, Xamarin, React Native, ARCore, ARKit, etc.

As you may know, only two of these platforms stand out from the crowd by capturing almost the entire mobile application market without leaving room for a new competitor.

  • Android: the great leader. In 2019, it captured 85% of global smartphone deliveries. By choosing it, you'll be able to reach a larger target of consumers and reach more potential customers.
  • iOS : this platform is used for all Apple products. The advantage of using your application on it will be to win the brand's customers.

Contact our experts for the creation of your mobile application!

Our team of mobile developers will take care of your project from A to Z. We follow a precise process in order to deliver a prototype that meets your expectations.

  • First of all, we will discuss with you the choice of software language that will be adapted and used on the targeted software in order to start programming your app.
  • Then we continue on a phase which is very important: the Design and also the UX/UI. Aesthetic appearance and ease of use are the two determining factors in developing an optimized user experience.
  • Once the app is programmed and finished, our experts will proceed to the Testing stage to see if the performance is maximum and also correct any errors so that they do not damage the support in any way (such as the presence of a virus, for example).
  • In order to keep your application up to date, we offer Application Maintenance to fix bugs, make updates, implement your new features, etc...

Esokia also offers other services related to mobile solutions. In particular, we offer web development services if you want to design a responsive site rather than a mobile app.

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