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Maintaining your website is like keeping your house in good condition. You're constantly repairing, fixing, securing or adding new features to make changes or improvements to key parts. For a website, it's exactly the same thing! You have to constantly think about updating it!

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Don't forget that your website or mobile application reflects the image of your company! A website which is very slow to load, which bugs on buttons in the menu, which is not well optimized SEO... can affect what you want to show of your brand to your users and customers.

Also, if you don't maintain your website properly, visitors won't necessarily stay on it for long. And above all, there will be little chance that they will return on it another time...

That's why you really need to do web maintenance! It is your guarantee to have a functional website with the main objective of improving your existing website.

Why is the maintenance of a website essential?

Keep in mind that maintaining a website is a continuous process that must be taken as seriously as possible in order to avoid being the cause of the failure of your digital project.

The reason web maintenance is so essential is because it :

  • guarantees the durability of your website or application
  • improves your service performance and user experience
  • avoids any risk of bugs or errors that may be perceived
  • it must ensure the security of the website
  • it must also preserve the proper functioning of your site or mobile application by establishing regular updates.

What needs to be updated ?

There are many important items that you absolutely must update!

  • First of all, there is the core of the content management system, i.e. the core of the CMS that you have chosen to use for the development of your site.
  • Then you also have all the different modules you have chosen that you absolutely have to adjust and update so that they don't become obsolete.
  • The last element to be updated is the theme of the site.

Another fundamental point to take into consideration, is that you must also prepare for future migrations of the site according to changes in CMS versions.

For these different updates, we strongly advise you to call upon the services of expert developers of the different CMS or existing frameworks. Being always up to date on new versions and having a perfect knowledge of the technology, they will know exactly what to do to migrate your website!

Esokia takes care of the web maintenance of your website !

No matter the size of your website, the maintenance of it is essential ! As we keep reminding you, it will have to ensure the best possible functioning, durability and high security of your website.

We advise you to call upon a web agency that is expert in the most used technologies, whether in web development, e-commerce development or even to develop mobile applications! Our agency Esokia has been an expert for more than 10 years in the 3 types of development we just mentioned !

In order to outsource the maintenance of your website or mobile application, we have set up web maintenance offers such as Application Maintenance contracts! And to help you optimize your source code to increase your performance, we propose a security audit! It will provide you with areas for improvement as well as prevention to make your website as secure as possible.

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