6 benefits of outsourcing your digital transformation

The last century ushered in the era of technology which is reshaping everyday life, facilitating processes, and rising an entirely new business sectors. Digitalization is no longer just an opportunity to be seized but a crucial point a company business strategy and growth.

The main goal of a digital transformation is to optimize the user experience. Companies must therefore find solutions that allow them to achieve successful digitalization in order to surf on the new trends and not lose the pace or even get ahead of the competition.

For this, two options are available to companies:

  • digital transformation initiatives from the inside, thanks to existing skills.

  • digital transformation strategies developed with the expertise and experience of a specialized agency

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The Indian Ocean, which is still a region not yet well known by Europeans, is full of agencies specializing in the digital field (web development, e-commerce and mobile, UX/UI, digital marketing, ...) working for large companies or European start-ups.

Here are 6 reasons why you should outsource in the Indian Ocean !

1) Broadband and fibre at the same level as in Europe

Connectivity is a major development for all countries. Mauritius is one of the top 3 African countries with the best connectivity ! The country has chosen the Internet as one of the main pillars of its economy.

As for Madagascar, the country ranks 22nd in the world, ahead of France and Great Britain, for broadband Internet speed. This is thanks to the East African Submarine System, a submarine telecommunications cable linking South Africa to Sudan via fibre optics.

2) The Eldorado of digital

If French Tech has established itself in the Indian Ocean region, it is for a good reason! 

Many universities offer courses to learn digital tools. In addition, various digital events are organized every year in the region such as the Krakathon, the Digital Innovation Day or NxSE Forum.

In fact, the French President , Emmanuel Macron, came to the 2019 NxSE Forum in Reunion Island to praise the qualities and potential of Indian Ocean companies in this booming sector.

Plus, he met some CEOs of major companies, including Michel Demari, the founder of Esokia, the reference for digital agency in the Indian Ocean!

3) Expert teams in the field

Digital is above all a field of passion. The "digital addicts" (nickname of our employees) exercise their passion on a daily basis, and this can be seen in the quality of the projects! The ability to provide dedicated teams for each project offers a significant advantage.

At Esokia, we have a 360° vision of web projects from design thinking (UX/UI), sprint planning by our SCRUM Masters, to the development of the website, digital service or mobile application, through SEO optimization and API integration. All this using the AGILE methodology during the digital transformation process of companies.

Our web agency specializes in technologies such as Drupal, Symfony, Magento, Wordpress, Sitefinity, SiteCore, React Native, Angular JS, .NET and many others. Our web developers are constantly monitoring and training themselves on the evolution of technologies and methodologies.

4) Competitive pricing 

One of the big advantages is the price/performance ratio. Indeed human resources are much cheaper in Indian Ocean countries. On average, the salary of a Malagasy developer is 4 times less than a French equivalent with equal skills.

Companies can significantly reduce their labour costs by outsourcing to the Indian Ocean.

5) A slight time difference with Europe

The islands in the Indian Ocean may be almost 9,000 km away from Europe, but the time difference is not very significant. Indeed, there is only 1 to 2 hours (depending on the summer and winter seasons) between France and Madagascar, and 2 to 3 hours between France and Mauritius.

In order to improve the integration our Agile teams into the process of our customers' "digital factory", we recommend an immersion and ramp-up phase. This step can either take place at our customers' premises in Europe or at one of our production centers in Mauritius or Madagascar. 

6) Bilingual communications agencies

French is an omnipresent language in the Indian Ocean. In addition, English is the official language of Mauritius. Good communication is vital to the success of a project and this bilingualism allows our teams to fully understand the needs of our international clients.


So, still not convinced? Nothing better than discussing your digital project. Our experts will be able to advise you on new technologies and answer your questions.

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