IT outsourcing: when software development outsourcing turns into a winning strategy

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To face the consequences of Covid-19 and to evolve, companies can rely on IT outsourcing by delegating their software and web development to specialists.

Covid-19 adds new challenges to existing ones

The current health situation marks a new turning point in the history of mankind. According to most specialists, its planetary scope and, above all, its unexpected aspect are, according to the majority of specialists, the beginnings of a major and unprecedented economic crisis. At a time when we are talking about Industry 4.0, the new Industrial Revolution, the "Digital Factory" (a digital factory whose role is to intimately mix tangible products and objects with new digital, virtual and management technologies), the Covid-19 pandemic has suddenly transformed the strategic stakes into constant challenges. Now, to continue to develop, but also to maintain their positioning in the face of competition that pursues the same objectives, companies must optimize each operation.

Do you plan on finding competent developers? How are you going to retain them, which is currently another major challenge for human resources? Transform these issues into assets in the long term with the support and guidance of a partner. Web or digital production agencies or ESNs provide developers, testers, devops, scrum masters or product owners with a contract for production management or technical assistance. Thus, you will benefit from all the technologies and skills necessary to make your projects a reality.

For several years now, IT outsourcing, and more specifically web development outsourcing, has been demonstrating its relevance, its ability to help companies consolidate their presence in their market, to develop, whatever the circumstances. In what way? To sum up: by allowing the various internal players to finally focus on their core business!

Web development: a specialised team at the heart of your outsourcing project!

Web development is the term used to encompass the entire process behind the creation of websites, e-commerce, market place and digital applications in SaaS mode for the web or for a company's intranet (private network). This speciality consists in coding and programming the functionalities of a digital service: thanks to the outsourcing of your web development, we provide you with specialists in programming languages such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript or PHP as well as all the related skills such as testers, Devops, Scrum master or Product Owner to carry out your projects. We bring together a dedicated multidisciplinary team in line with your needs in a fixed-price framework or on a contract basis and accompany you from design to delivery, up to maintenance in tma and hosting.

Beyond the design framing phase, development is divided into three main categories:

  • The client-side coding (frontend);
  • Server-side coding (backend);
  • Database technology

On a daily basis, our agency's web developers apply their digital expertise and knowledge to turn static pages, platforms, applications, e-commerce sites, marketplace or content management systems (CMS) into reality.

Good to know: the difference between Web Development and Website Design

Website design focuses on the look and feel of a website or web application. Graphics, design, information flow, specifications this specialty does not necessarily require mastery of coding, but rather tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

The many advantages of turning to an agency specializing in web development

By choosing the outsourcing or technical assistance contract with a dedicated team at our web agency, not only as a corporate sponsor, you will benefit from a team focused on your IT project, but above all, you will benefit from the following advantages :

Access to a pool of resources: In recent years, your company has found it difficult to recruit qualified developers, even if there are more and more offers. Contrary to your expectations, you continue to receive applications that don't meet their expectations. At Esokia, we concentrate a team of trained talent with IT skills that may be lacking internally, within your company or difficult to find locally.

A reduction in operating costs: net salary, pension benefits, employer's social security contributions, the bill rises quickly for each internal employee. We offer you services at lower costs than those practiced on your local market, without compromising on quality, on the contrary.

Better focus on your company's core business: your internal teams can concentrate on other subjects that are just as essential to your company's development, such as marketing, business development, financial strategy, etc.

A gain in time and productivity: with 10 years of presence on our market, our agency already has the processes, human, material and software resources necessary to respond quickly to the needs of any company in demand. IT outsourcing is also the appropriate solution if you wish to launch several projects simultaneously with the support of an internal team and another, outsourced one.

Quality gain: you realize that hiring employees is risky for your company, even more so when you are not sure about the functionality of your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). As a specialist in IT management, Esokia provides you with a quality team, whose mission is to check the result of the work provided by our IT development teams, before delivery. This same team can also test the performance, security, ergonomics, etc., of the ordered applications. Our agency makes sure to adapt your sites and applications to all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) with a great sense of detail, automatically adapting to the size of the screen on which they are displayed: they must be "responsive"! This solution guarantees greater flexibility, because you finally have the possibility to increase and reduce this team according to your needs, at no cost.

Outsourcing web development: for a strong company!

Like any modern company, concerned about customer satisfaction and employee loyalty, you have an essential communication tool in the digital age: a website and/or an intranet. For results that meet your expectations, our web agency has a range of web technologies entirely dedicated to your digital project: : DrupalSymfonyLaravel, ASP.netNodeJS, ReactJsAngularJS, VueJSWordPress, SitecoreProgress SitefinityMagentoPrestashop, among others.

More than ever, your IT project becomes a winning bet by being outsourced to an IT development team located outside your borders. Take advantage of the galloping digitalization by benefiting from the best specialists and the best technologies. Transform your communication tool into an added value, an asset that will allow your company to grow out of the current context: our agency and our teams are your best partners!

A testimonial is worth more than a thousand words

A testimonial is worth more than a thousand words

Here is the testimony of Sandeep, Team Leader in web development within our agency specialized in IT outsourcing. His team is composed of 6 people divided into 3 groups: "Scrum" team, "Kanban" team and "Custom Development" team.

For 2 years now, they have been dedicated to the various projects entrusted by GAC Technology, a French customer who offers a software tool in SaaS mode for fleet management (vehicles, telephones, real estate) for large companies. In order to respond in a relevant way to the client's needs, Zend technology has been privileged.

It's a real partnership that has been formed over time, illustrating the solidity of this IT outsourcing project, so much that Sandeep went to France to launch the project while other team members also went to immerse themselves in our client's teams to accelerate their skills development and get to grips with the processes. As for GAC Technology's project manager, we had the pleasure of welcoming him to our web agency in Mauritius at the end of 2019. During his stay, he was able to spend time with the team and live a typically Mauritian experience.

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