Umayr, web developer, talks about his mission in France at Imagence Interactive




Umayr, our back-end web developer, was on assignment at Imagence Interactive in mainland France. Having worked with Imagence remotely for six years, this opportunity to meet the client in person and work on site was extremely rewarding. This web project, in the medical field, was an opportunity to meet technical and organisational challenges while strengthening the team's dynamic. In this article, Umayr shares with us the details of his assignment, the technologies used, the achievements made and the impact of this experience on his professional development.


What was your assignment with Imagence in mainland France?

For this assignment, I had the opportunity to meet the client and his team in person. After working with them remotely for six years, this meeting in mainland France was eagerly awaited. The assignment was in the medical field, which added a special dimension to our collaboration. This meeting was an opportunity to get to know the developers in France better, as well as the CTO and the director, and to understand their way of working and managing schedules. Being close to the team also allowed us to forge personal links, strengthening our professional relationship.


What were the client's objectives and expectations for this project?

The main objective of this assignment was to meet me in person, as until now all collaboration had taken place remotely. Imagence wanted to work more closely together in order to better understand the work process and optimise communication between the teams. The client had high expectations of this face-to-face collaboration, as we had been working together virtually for over six years.


What technologies did you use on this project?

I mainly used PHP technologies, with a focus on the Drupal and WordPress CMS. In addition, I was responsible for upgrading the Debian servers from version 9 to version 11. Having worked with Imagence for six years, I also provided ongoing support and made changes to the servers to optimise performance.


What were the main lessons you learnt from this experience with the customer?

Teamwork and dynamism

During this assignment, I worked closely with the Imagence team in mainland France. The team dynamic was excellent, as we shared the same working hours. This enabled us to work together effectively and make rapid progress on the project. The team was open to ideas and suggestions, which created an environment conducive to innovation and creativity.


Lessons learned from the customer experience

This experience with Imagence was very rewarding from a professional point of view. I was able to learn how to better manage customer expectations and develop my customer relationship management skills. Working directly with the client also gave me an understanding of the entire work process, from conception to completion. Taking part in workshops at an early stage gave me a fresh perspective and helped me to understand projects better from the outset.


Impact on professional development

Working in mainland France with Imagence was a crucial step in my professional development. This experience allowed me to improve my technical skills, but above all my non-technical skills such as managing expectations and communicating with the client. Working on site with different teams also broadened my horizons and gave me a better understanding of how complex projects are developed.



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