How did Esokia successfully make its transition to teleworking?

With the health crisis still ongoing, most companies have had to close their doors in order to comply with the barrier gestures demanded by governments. Many of them quickly switched to teleworking to keep their business running.

How did we implement teleworking?

Even before the announcement of the lockdown, Esokia's management took the initiative to ask its employees to work from their homes. This "test" phase made it possible to fine-tune the organization and processes and to monitor the continuity of service to our customers.

Whether at home or in the office, we all need the necessary equipment to work. Each employee was therefore consulted in advance to find out whether they had the space, security and all the right computer tools and network capabilities at home. To fill the gaps, Esokia made the work tools available to the employees who needed them.

Visuel Teletravail et Esokia

In order to work properly, you obviously have to communicate well! Communication at work is a major element in moving the company forward and improving relations between employees and also with customers. It facilitates understanding and internal interactions. At Esokia, we use the Slack application, a messaging platform, and Google Meet to be able to communicate with each other and hold remote meetings.

Esokia has also partnered with Local Measure, a customer experience platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to express their feelings about teleworking. Each week, employees receive an email with a unique question: "How do you feel after this week? Each person can therefore share their state of mind, remarks and attentions about their work week.

One of the rules requested by Esokia's management is to produce a report of the working day through our collaborative tools. This is part of our work methodology in order to guarantee everyone's productivity and to measure the progress of the company's customer projects.

How do employees feel about teleworking?

Teleworking has in fact become a new way of working and living. Indeed, according to one study, 90% of employees consider that teleworking improves their quality of personal life.

By exchanging with Esokia employees, what we have learned is that this period of teleworking has been beneficial in the sense that everyone has been able to save time (travel time, preparation ...) and it also allows us to be more flexible and more autonomous.

One of the retained disadvantages of working from home is the "lack of social ties". At Esokia, a real "energizer", the working atmosphere is there ! Office colleagues can sometimes miss out on little habits, moments of relaxation and exchanges, etc.  Despite the various challenges and "online" animations organized by the communication department, we missed the warmth of exchanges and physical interactions.

Visuel Teletravail Esokia

And from a management point of view?

Patrick Morin, CTO & Managing Director Esokia Mauritius :

“Employees took the subject very seriously during our test phase in order to enable teleworking and to enable everyone to protect themselves against the health crisis. The teams were motivated and organized, the Agile methodology was very well applied and perceived by the teams, bringing encouraging results.

Teleworking has therefore convinced both internally, through its benefits, and externally, through the results on projects and customer satisfaction, which did not feel any break in our project cycles when we switched to teleworking. As a result, we have been able to continue to satisfy our customers through our dedicated teleworking teams, who have been able to combine comfort and performance.

Teleworking is a powerful asset for personal development in companies, and we strongly believe in its potential at Esokia.”

Even if it has been 3 months since we had to switch to teleworking because of the Covid-19 pandemic, at Esokia, we have been working remotely for 11 years now from our service centers in Mauritius, Madagascar and Serbia for our customers in Europe.

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