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A methodology adapted to your web project!

Esokia is more than 10 years of experience in the digital field ! A web agency on several continents that works relentlessly even thousands of kilometers away. A single objective: to guarantee 100% the success of your web projects !

Our team: digital experts

Esokia is above all a multidisciplinary team of experts specialized in digital. With their divergent identities, know-how and experience, our collaborators will take care of the development and execution of your digital strategy.

Our teams are made up of product owners, scrum masters, front-end and back-end developers, some of whom are certified Team Leaders on a technology, web designers, UX/UI experts, testers or digital marketing specialists (SEO, SEA, Neuromarketing...).

A dedicated team is set up for each project. Indeed, as they are all different from each other, they do not require the same skills according to their needs.

A "User centric" approach

Have you ever heard of neuromarketing? It explains to us that a website must convince an Internet user to pursue his journey with your brand in a few seconds. To achieve this, two fundamental steps must be taken into account: design and ergonomics. On the one hand, aesthetics is paramount because it reflects your professionalism and your brand image and on the other hand, your site must also be ergonomic to show its ease of use.

We propose the "User Centric" approach which, as its name suggests, places the user at the centre by analysing his or her feelings about a website. It will take a representative sample of potential users who will give their opinions to see if the site meets their expectations and needs. It takes place in 3 distinct phases:

Schema 1

Our process for your digital project:

Esokia offers web project services on a forfait basis. We recommend you to work on a clear and precise specification or expression of need. This one must detail your vision and your objectives as well as the main elements such as the type of site (institutional, catalogue, e-commerce...), your target audience, the total number of pages, the contact form, the services to be integrated, etc, so that we can finally offer you our adapted skills for the realization of the project.

To start any project, we organize a kick-off with you in order to clearly define the project objectives, the methodology, the planning, the deliverables, define the responsibilities and finally validate the commercial agreement.

Afterwards, we go on to workshops organized by a Product Owner who will ask you specific questions and who will be accompanied by our designers specialized in their fields, both for the UX part representing ergonomics and for the UI which is in charge of the design. Together, they will create a file with the functional and technical specifications of the project.

Once everything is validated, we move on to the development stage of your site or mobile application. Then, we propose user testing phases using the qualitative method of "focus groups" that have potential customers test the interfaces and give their opinions on the site.

Schema 2

Once the product is delivered, we propose Tierce Application Maintenance offers that allow you to continue to optimize your site by correcting all the bugs and errors found and to make it evolve to best meet the expectations of your visitors.

We also use the AB Testing method which compares two versions of a web page where version A is the current page of the site and version B is the modified-optimized page. The goal is to compare the performance of these two pages simultaneously to modify the design of page A if necessary.

Esokia is not only a development agency but an agency that designs digital solutions.

Do you have a digital project?

Operational development methods :

Our team adapts to the client's objectives and constraints as well as to the specificities of the project.

We follow two project management methodologies that are well known to companies. Depending on each project, we choose the appropriate method.

The first is the Agile method, which puts the customer's needs at the center of the project's priorities. It is based on rapid cycles known as "sprints" and adaptive development cycles according to needs. We just have a global vision of the project and we will set the objectives over short enough periods to move forward as quickly as possible.

The Scrum method is one of its main methods which aims to make daily meetings for projects where it is impossible to define all the tasks and constraints from the outset.

The second is the V method, which has the advantage of avoiding "back and forth" during the project and providing more details during the test phase. It consists of 9 steps that can be grouped into 3 main phases: Design → Realization → Validation.

Schema 3

We can also make a hybrid methodology, i.e. we make a mix of the two methods described above.

Quality above all !

Quality Assurance Testing is at the heart of our process.  As is often said, it is better to focus on quality than quantity. By focusing on quality, you show your users that your site is pleasant, functional, efficient and secure. They will then have a positive opinion on it and will want to return to it often. And the more constant users you have, the more potential customers you will get who will become loyal customers.

If you are looking for an agency specialized in web development and digital solutions, contact us!

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