natives IOS development

Why develop a native iOS application?

In recent years, mobile application development for iPhone is one of the most lucrative businesses. It's not surprising that companies from all over the world have embarked on this adventure. Indeed, the AppStore applications are more profitable and their development is easier and less time consuming. Moreover, iOS users often invest more money in their applications to access premium features.

An unfailing commitment from Apple to its users

The popularity of the platform is unquestionably attributable to Apple's unwavering commitment to giving its customers only the best. In actuality, compared to industry standards, the regulations implemented by Apple are quite strict. A lot of scrutiny must be given to an application before it can be published on the App Store, and this includes strict adherence to the graphical style guide, and technical specifications set forth by Apple. Particularly in regard to the thematic structure, user interface fluidity (UX/IX), and application stability.

What is native iOS mobile development?

Native iOS mobile applications are exclusive and proprietary applications. They are therefore not compatible with other operating systems, such as Android.


A Mac is required to create an iOS app, in addition to an iOS developer account with subscription worth $99 per year. Applications are developed via the Xcode framework using the Objective-C programming language.


If you opt for a hybrid application, your application will work on IOS, but it will be limited in terms of capacity and user experience.


Software development kits developed by Apple


iOS SDK" Software Development Kit" developed by Apple Inc. in February 2008 in order to make the development of native applications for iOS accessible.


Originally designed for iPhone application development (formerly named iPhone SDK) iOS SDK allows developers to build applications for other iOS devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch.


The Xcode framework is a development environment, it is one of the central elements of the iOS SDK. Available for free download, Xcode only requires an Apple ID to be used.


Xcode makes it easy to create applications for OS X, iOS and Watch OS. It includes a GUI creation tool, a compiler, and an iOS simulator.


The advantages and disadvantages of an iOS application


Native iOS apps fully exploit the hardware and native features of the devices

If your application is compatible with Apple's range, the update and maintenance costs are higher

Applications receive full support from the App Store, as soon as they are accepted

The process to get an application authorized by the App Store is long and complicated

App Store support provides full security for iOS users

Updates must be approved by the App Store

The iOS applications are "Closed Source."

As it is "Closed Source", Mac OS X is necessary to develop applications

App Store can manage your transactions on your behalf

30% commission on all transactions made through the app store


Develop your mobile application projects on iOS

We have many iOS developers ready to accompany you during your mobile development project. A dedicated team of experts will take care of the development of your new applications or make your existing applications evolve.

Your project's specific needs will determine whether Swift or Objective-C is used. Additionally, we created our own tools like a cross-platform library that enables the application of themes to the fly. We also developed a framework to make development easier when applications display multiple entirely different user interfaces depending on the platform.

We advise you to choose native application development in order to maintain your competitiveness and provide a high quality product. We are here to help you choose the option that will meet your market needs, and that offers you real added value.

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