Android or iOS: Difficult to make a choice

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Last June (2017), Google and Apple presented the new versions of their operating systems dedicated to mobile. An important event for these two historical competitors. So, if you were already confused, and you didn’t have any idea whether you would choose Android or iOS, we hope that this article will help you to define your expectations and desires. Because even here, at the agency, the choice is not easy and opinions differ. So, is the grass always greener somewhere else?


Android or iOS: the applications shock

It cannot be denied, applications are now a must for mobile phones (whose first function was to make calls). At the beginning of the smartphones madness, iOS was more popular with developers who chose this support for a first launch and then worked on Android (remember this strange time when your friend has THE application on his iPhone and you must wait to have it too). 

Nowadays, Android has clearly caught up to become the number 1 of operating systems in the world. Applications are often created for both devices as soon as the project starts. Between Android or iOS and their applications, it is difficult to choose one when we see huge number of choices on both platforms. 


Personal digital assistant

Who doesn’t know Siri, the personal digital assistant for iOS? The objective for now is to develop Siri: a voice that is less robotic, more functionalities… Siri is one of the favorites with its sympathetic capacity to have a discussion. Its understanding of tasks is enjoyable and a bit more correct than the Android assistant.


However, Android O must not be underestimated and forgotten. Some of its capacities are interesting, especially the one which allows it to recognize objects and to suggest queries in the same field. Both giants invest massively in artificial intelligence to improve their assistants.


And what about virtual reality and augmented reality?

For virtual reality and augmented reality, do we choose Android or iOS? Apparently, Android has a head start on Apple. Google stays number 1!


Design and practical organization

The design is an extremely personal and subjective question. Regarding this, Esokia won’t be able to help you. But what we can tell you is that Apple has worked well on its last version of its iOS 11 operating system. The locking screen has been revised, and the same goes for Siri interface and the applications store. A good point for iOS versus Android which hasn’t done so much.

But in a practical way, Android has an advantage. The principal screen works like on iOS concerning the applications, but it offers widgets for even more personalization of your phone: weather information, calendar, time zones, etc. 

Concerning the connexion to a PC, Android works like a hard disk while iOS is more like a camera. With Android, there is no problem to transfer your pictures, videos and music. That is not as simple on iOS which demands  iTunes to be used most of the time.


For security, we choose Android or iOS?

We know that Google is not the best with protecting personal data. Our choice goes to Apple on this point. Malwares have also a tendency to attack Android more than Apple. A negative point that can be explained by the more important market share held by Android instead of iOS. So, the risk is necessarily higher. And antivirus software on mobilea are not a myth, they exist and they are as usefull as the ones on the laptop!


Android or iOS… it is clearly difficult to choose. We cannot tell you which one is the best. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and your personal taste will make the difference. It is hard to change the habits when we get accustomed with using Android or iOS for many years. We invite you to test both operating systems to make your choice!