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Our web agency is an expert in Front-End development

As a reminder, the back-end development is the part of the website that is not accessible to end users, unlike the front-end development which represents the visual part perceived by the client.

What is front-end development?

Front-end development is by definition the part of the code that is received by the client. This client is the web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) which remains the tool that allows you to see the web.

In order to successfully code the development of your website, you must take into account the specificities of each web browser.

The client code understood by the browser is composed of 3 computer programming languages well known to developers:

  • HTML : This language evokes the structure of each web page such as titles or paragraphs.
  • CSS : this one models the visual side of HTML elements with the choice of colors for example.

You can already develop your site with these two languages. However, if you want to add interactivity and logic behind your web page, use the latter language :

  • JavaScript : it will allow you to add a special touch to your site to give it more energy. For example, you can use it if you want your user to open a menu by clicking on a particular button.

Which technology should you choose for the front-end development of your website?

Many technologies have been designed for front-end development. Our agency offers you its expert services on well-known frameworks that could be suitable for your digital project. You will find there :

To find out which front-end technology you should use, we have made a comparison of these three frameworks to help you see the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Why use expert front-end developers?

The front-end developer must become familiar with topics that affect user interactions. He must then collaborate with the UX/UI designers chosen for the design of the digital project.

He is assigned the role of ensuring consistent user behaviour across all digital media used for the website or mobile application under development. He must take into consideration the :

  • Responsive or adaptive : This design approach aims to develop websites by optimizing them for users' reading experiences regardless of screen size (mobile, tablet or PC).
  • Progressive : The Progressive Web App (PWA) is defined as a website that uses the functionalities of our smartphones (camera, GPS, etc). It offers a user experience that comes close to that of a native mobile application.

The goal of such approaches is to develop applications or sites so that they are accessible on all types of browsers (Chrome or Firefox for example) or on all formats (PC, mobiles or tablets).

By using expert developers, you are guaranteed to get the website you've been waiting for! They will listen to you, then the designers will propose mock-ups so that you get a preview of the site. Once everything is validated, the developers take action and take charge of development. This will allow you to save time during your digital transformation if you outsource your project.

Esokia : an expert agency in front-end development

Our web agency has set up a team dedicated to front-end development. Our developers team up with our UX designers to create a visual that meets your graphic charter so that end-users can directly recognize your brand on the web or elsewhere.

Esokia offers tailor-made website services that start from the development of your website to the maintenance of it ! For more information, contact us !

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