When Symfony meets Esokia Experts

With more than 10 years of experience, Symfony quality is recognised by most of brands. The developped applications showed how they can evolve and adapt to changes. 

Based on MVC environment, Symfony embed the most recent character encoding standards. 

The programmer has more than 2200 Bundles at his disposal in the library to change the specific functionalities of a project, which can save a lot of time . Also, it is possible to adapt easily to any projects.

The structure choosen by Symfony to create new functionalities makes easy their reuse for other projects.

In addition, Symfony includes a cache monitoring mechanism which allows you to create more economic and more responsive applications.

Of course, you have to make the good choice according to the complexity of the web application. In situation in which you can use PHP, Symfony will not help you to save a lot of time, it is quite the contrary... The most important is to evaluate the project.

For minor projects, the use of the micro-framework Silex could be more interesting. 


Jérémy GACHET, our Consultant, Symfony Expert since 7 years, is sharing his experience with this tool. 

jeremy esokia


Jérémy Gachet : « Symfony is for long-term projects with a significant business scope. Working with Symfony2, is using the best tool in the PHP world. There is a good dynamic in this framework which motivates us, as a Developer, to improve ourselves continuously. We can solve recurrent needs of the applications in a simple and easy way, which allows us to focus on the business side of the project with maximum flexibility because of  all the layers of abstraction implemented in the tool. We are very proud, and also for all Developers who are using Symfony since a long time, to see big platforms as Drupal, to rethink itself to include this persuasive logic in our projects. » 

Click here to visit Symfony website and to know more about it. Also, Jérémy would like to urge you to read the Fabien Potencier's blog.

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