UX design 2023: trends to improve customer experience


What UX design in 2023? Exit 2022, the world of web design and IT development in general is already ready to create a user experience that is light, playful and efficient at the same time. With generative AI, Metavers, virtual and augmented reality, immersive scrolling, to name but a few, interaction and stimulation of the senses will undeniably be on the agenda. But beware, if 2023 promises wonder in terms of UX, sobriety will also be on the agenda with Eco-design! Let's discover together the UX predictions for the next 12 months.

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UX Trends 2023, welcome to the World Wide Web 3.0

Information relevance, security, transparency, personalization, the Web 3.0 era is one of great change. Of course, these evolutions will be reflected in the UX 2023 trends. What's ahead...


Products will be revealed through animations

The UX in 2023 will allow Internet users to discover the entirety of a product they are interested in with a simple drag of the mouse. No need to go to another page, they will be able to enjoy a complete virtual demonstration simply by hovering over the animations created by the developers. The result is a faster navigation, an optimized interface, because it is minimal, and a greater retention of attention.


Customers will be immersed in 3D

When immersive scrolling and sound meet 3D, the result is a user experience worthy of a Hollywood production. Users can imagine and escape while keeping a lasting memory.


Web designers will overexploit the graphic space

Although minimalism was mentioned above, the UX 2023 trend includes an overexploitation of the available space on web pages. This means maximalism and overstimulation of the user's senses, but also a better personalization of the page design.


Parallax zoom scrolling

Parallax is an animation effect that allows the background to move more slowly than the elements in the foreground. This creates an impression of depth and realism. Parallax zoom scrolling is a technique through which web developers provide a dynamic and interactive experience. A rising star in UX in recent years, parallax will become the salt of the web page's life, making it even more dynamic.


Historical graphics

Get ready for '90s internet graphics! With the advent of pixelated designs, encouraged by video games such as Minecraft, web designers will have a field day. In 2023, users will find, for example, icons that were minimalist until now or bright and sparkling colors. All this to say that the past has not said its last word and that it intends to surprise the youngest Internet users by displaying itself without complex in the UX.


Dark mode

The design industry is no stranger to Dark mode, as web design has not hesitated to implement it in recent years. And rightly so, because it has been proven that Dark mode is a way to increase conversion rates, one of the major objectives of UX. Perfect for reducing eye strain, headaches, it allows users to spend more time on their screen.


CSS grid 

Although it has been around for some time, the CSS grid is appreciated for its accessibility and great flexibility. Web developers do not hesitate to favor this type of layout, which facilitates the size and position of grid elements. All this without having to install additional plugins or software.

Neomorphic design

For those who are into minimalism, neomorphic design keeps the trend going but with a focus on the user experience. Here, minimalism takes on soft yet modern forms, with monochromatic colors and shadows that give a floating feel.


Super position of texts

The UX in 2023 will bring a breath of fresh air and freedom to the world of web design. The layout of pages will be less rigid, regular, imposed. During the next 12 months, companies will be able to ask for the development of sites on which texts overlap, but in an aesthetic way, so as not to create a feeling of clutter. So, no more orderly UX, but rather a joyful chaos!

They will give back their letters of nobility to the words

Images and videos will lose speed, with the UX favoring words in 2023. One reason for this: eco-design! Indeed, this technique consists in implementing good practices to reduce the environmental footprint of websites and applications. The tour de force of this strategy is an exceptional time saving for visitors, who will be able to quickly find the information they came for.

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