CMS update: Drupal 10 will be released on December 14, 2022


Computer developers around the world are eagerly awaiting this date. Indeed, December 14 2022, is the date of the release of a closely watched update, that of Drupal 10. On the menu, a new administration interface, improved performance, better security, a new theme engine, a more accessible front-end, redesigned media management, a new language translation system, improved configuration management, a new content moderation system and better tools for developers.
The publisher has made a beta version available for those who are in a hurry and curious.

What will Drupal 10 be used for?

Like its previous iterations, Drupal 10 is an open source content management system (CMS - software for managing content) used to build both websites and applications. The CMS's numerous features, many of which are already present in version 9, will make it easier to create content and enable solid performance while maintaining a secure environment:

  • The Seven administration theme will be replaced by Claro ;
  • The default theme Bartik will be replaced by Olivero ;
  • The Layout Builder and Media functionality has been improved;
  • The CMS now offers a better experience in site development and decoupled development, especially for menu and URL management;
  • The introduction of CKEditor 5 (replacing CKEditor 4) improves the creation experience and modernizes editing;
  • The introduction of modern JavaScript components to replace jQuery UI and some uses of jQuery;
  • Added tools in the theme starter kit for creating custom themes;
  • PHP 8 and Symfony 5 or 6 (replacing Symfony 4) are required to ensure the security of the system.

Drupal was created from the beginning to be flexible. In this regard, Drupal 10 will continue to provide a flexible framework made up of tools that enable the creation of versatile and organized content, both of which are necessary to provide dynamic web experiences.

At Esokia, Drupal agency since 2009, we implement a wide range of expertise and deliver a full range of services dedicated to the Drupal CMS:

  • Dynamic, institutional showcase,
  • Portal, extranet, intranet,
  • E-commerce site, marketplace, catalog,
  • Mobile site, responsive or PWA,
  • Business applications,
  • Etc.

How to prepare the transition to Drupal 10?

The following tips come directly from the Drupal house and help actively and effectively prepare the ground for this major Drupal update:

  • Upgrade to Drupal 9 if you haven't already. The tools only support checking code for compatibility with the next major release. So you need to be on Drupal 9 to get accurate information about the status of the upgrade;
  • Install Upgrade status on your development site;
  • Use the Administrator >> Reports >> Upgrade Status page to check for contributed modules that you can upgrade to be compatible and for deprecated API usage that you can fix in your custom code. Use the latest version of Drupal 9 to verify that all deprecated APIs are detectable;
  • The Project Update Bot assists in making the contributed projects compatible. It is advised to use Drupal-rector to automatically fix various issues in your customized code. You can determine the areas to intervene in using the status of update.

Brief review of Drupal 9

Remember that Drupal 9, built from version 8, offers users an optimized experience with strengthened security, cleaned-up code, and alignment on third-party dependencies like Symfony and Twig.

Drupal updates to prepare for the future

Consumers have ever-changing demands, and it is imperative that businesses are able to respond favorably and efficiently. As of December 14, 2022, they will be able to rely on Drupal 10 to fulfill this vital mission: deliver the ultimate user experience.

This decoupled (Decoupled Drupal) and headless (headless) CMS has modules for Progressive Web App (PWA) and GraphQL, giving software developers more flexibility. The outcome is only more ideal :

  • Websites hosting their front-end and back-end separately, allowing the use of other web services or an API for greater responsiveness ;
  • A structured and solid backend ;
  • A flexible front-end framework for better control over content presentation.

The Drupal community and computer developers from all over the world are still exchanging ideas and experiences about this update. Drupal 10 will finally be released in December and, in its own unique way, revolutionize the world of website and application development. We're ready to welcome him as he should here at Esokia!

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