Why choose Drupal as a CMS?

In 2001, Drupal was originally created as an interface for communication between students at the University of Anvers in Belgium. Few years later, the old interface is now one of the most popular CMSs known in the world. As an open source, it allows creating all sorts of websites. In many ways, Drupal as a CMSis an excellent choice. Here’s why.


Drupal as a CMS for big organizations

Drupal has one distinctive characteristic: it’s regularly used by big organizations. In 2013, Drupal was the CMS mostly used by big companies. Several times it has been declared as the best CMS in the world.

Drupal is perfect for websites because it requires a technical knowledge. A lot of big organizations usually have a technical team in charge of the website. Optimized for developers, Drupal CMS requires some technical competences in order to be used easily. But no worries! With a little training, it is not so hard to understand how it works.

And as a common CMS, its advantage is that it is not specialized in any area in particular (like blogs, picture galleries or other). On the contrary, it can do anything!


Drupal as a CMS: you can count on a large community

Drupal CMS has another big advantage that other CMSs do not have: a lot of people use it. So, whenever you have some difficulties and you are lost in the winding of this CMS (especially non-professionals), you can appeal to a large community of users to help you. Whatever your problem is, you will find someone to rescue you. That’s really useful.


Drupal, the CMS with several functionalities

You will like Drupal. This CMS is expected to be extended. If you have big plans for your website, it is perfect for you. The possibilities of personalization are enormous because of the unit addition depending on the nature of your website. Moreover, as it is an open source, you can change it as you want, without fear of creating a legal problem.

Drupal also offers a big flexibility in native that allows creating a multilingual websites because of all translations available, but also to manage several websites at the same time. And all of this with the adaptation of your mobile-friendly website with a specialized Drupal tool. Don’t forget that Google considers mobile-friendly as a requirement for a good search engine optimization (SEO)! And not to be outdone about SEO, Drupal considers it from the first moment website was created.

And last but not the least, Drupal as a CMS also allows creating e-commerce websites with Drupal Commerce platform that uses basic platform options with additional special tools for this type of websites.


Also bear in mind that a lot of reputable websites use Drupal as a CMS: Louvre website, White House website or Grammy Awards website… Some impressive names.

With Drupal as a CMS, you choose to create a professional and personalized website that will represent you in the best way possible. Don’t forget that your web agency is here to give you some advices. With its expertise and questions, it will direct you in defining what CMS will be better for your needs and projects.

Esokia works with several CMSs as Drupal 7 and 8, Drupal commerce, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, Typo 3, etc. Do you have any questions about your future website or maybe you need more information? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you. And for those who are interested in Drupal, please take a look on our references with Drupal as a CMS. 

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