Why should you outsource your Java development?


One option to consider hastening your digital transformation is to outsource your Java development in an Agile environment for your project with an external team. One of the technologies that has allowed numerous businesses to innovate and thus gain market positioning is Java. Desktops, servers, mobile devices, tablets, TVs, and of course web browsers are all outfitted with this technology. In short, this programming language has revolutionized the business world through the development of customized applications.

Furthermore, the majority of these businesses have chosen to outsource their Java development tasks to an offshore firm. Why outsource? To address issues with profitability and the growing shortage of local talent.

What does outsourcing a Java development project mean ?

Java technology has built its reputation around the world thanks to its ease of use. The OOP (Object-oriented programming) format of this programming language is simple, easy to learn and use: Java development is fast, efficient and requires little effort.

Hence, why outsource? This solution provides applications for a wide range of platforms, all of which are calibrated to meet those business technology challenges that the company must constantly face, including the most complex ones. This is accomplished by partnering with a trustworthy Java development company with a reputation for producing high-quality work.

Esokia explains why Java is a high-level language for application development

Why should you outsource your Java development?

When the company is able to clearly establish its goals and priorities, as well as its budget, timeline, and project scope, Java development outsourcing provides many benefits:


  • A real and practical budget rationalization coupled with better responsibility sharing;
  • The resources, expertise, tools, or development processes made available by the Java development agency;
  • Due to the java development being assigned to a specialized team, the client company will save time and be better able to focus on its core business;
  • More than a delegation of Java development, outsourcing is a partnership in which the company retains control of the project;
  • The implementation of a 24-hour customer support, for an immediate problem resolution


Our tips for making your IT externalization project in Java successful

Externalization involves more than just handing off a project to a specialized agency. It involves a collaboration between two businesses, one of which has specific Java development needs, and the other of which has the necessary tools and knowledge. Or, a successful partnership depends on a few good habits, like these:

  • a description of the goals and needs of the sponsoring company;
  • A solid and concrete technology stack on the provider's side. What software, frameworks, technologies, etc., will they implement for the Java development project?
  • a forecasting process for consistently adhered-to deadlines;
  • a structured organization where everyone is aware of their responsibilities and roles. Does the Java development agency foresee, for instance (and ideally), the appointment of a project manager to ensure communication between the parties? Does she employ tried-and-true techniques like the Agile methodology?
  • An analysis of projects already completed by the provider;
  • A review of the standards adhered to by the provider, who must meet all requirements for conformity in accordance with the details of your product;
  • An analysis of the provider's data protection system.


Why hire an offshore company to externalize your Java developers?

The last and not the least of these is this. The answer is straightforward: During the Pandemic, the vast majority of businesses had to make the transition to digitalization by developing services, online shops, and mobile applications in order to continue growing. They were able to rely on offshore Java development companies or other services to succeed despite the industry's general lethargy, while also making significant operating budget savings. In conclusion, outsourcing has proven and will continue to show its power!

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