développement e-commerce

Esokia will take care of the development of your e-commerce site !

Digital has become a must for companies! Over the last few years, a weakening of the physical shops has been felt. The arrival of the Internet in our daily lives has changed our consumption patterns. Traditional sales have had to adapt quickly on their side in order to keep their business.

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To give you an idea of what e-commerce represents in France, you should know that in 2019, this market exceeded 100 billion in turnover! Moreover, it has been noted that the majority of French people buy online as they represent 87.5% of the population.

With a strong demand from companies wanting to launch into e-commerce, our web agency has specialized in the design of online shops.

Our vision of e-commerce design

Esokia accompanies you throughout the development of your digital sales space !

  • Choice of the appropriate technology according to its characteristics and those of the project
  • Elaboration of an attractive and creative design as close as possible to your expectations
  • Improvement of the user experience (UX) and implementation of an easy and pleasant to use interface (UI)
  • SEO optimization for better referencing on search engines and increase your visibility
  • Conducting tests to correct bugs and errors on your website before it goes online
  • Choice of hosting for your website
  • Maintenance service so that you always have an operational site.
  • Definition and execution of an SEA strategy

The ergonomics of a web site is paramount. Our ultimate goal is to design a website with a pleasant navigation for your user. We will put in place all the strategies to guide him through a long visit that will lead him to the purchase.

We also offer a complete e-commerce website to accelerate your digital transformation process. As the saying goes "time is money", our team of experts will respond to your request in a record time with a finished site ready to go online as soon as possible so that you don't lose time for your business.

An e-commerce project?

Develop your site with the best technologies!

Many innovative platforms have been created with interesting features for e-commerce website development. Note that they are also adapted to mobiles and tablets in a responsive way by offering a personalized, modular and functional administration interface.

Among the most famous, we have specialized on :

Know that there is no better e-commerce CMS than another! Before you start working on your project, you must find out which CMS is the best for your website.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of these technologies, we recommend you read our e-commerce CMS comparison. It will guide you in your choice of platform for your e-boutique.

What are the advantages of an e-commerce site?

  • An attractive transaction method: all Internet users, of any age or social category, adhere to this method of purchase
  • An international market: you can target the whole world to make yourself known outside your home country
  • A possibility of rapid development: by removing the constraints of physical stores, you can develop faster by setting up a perfect communication strategy to make yourself known to future customers.
  • Reduced operating costs: you can use low-cost platforms to launch your online business
  • Better visibility: as the website acts as a "showcase" for the company, it will allow for an increase in the number of customers.
  • Customer tracking: analysis tools are installed on the platforms in order to have a lot of information about your customers and find your target.

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