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Optimize your digital strategy with a video marketing agency!

Of course, your company, like many others, should regularly post content on Instagram and Facebook. But how does it perform in video marketing? If you aren't one of the 29 % of businesses that have started prioritizing this type of content in 2019, our video marketing agency can assist you.

Rely on our expertise to generate leads, have a direct and positive impact on your sales, and improve customer and prospect understanding of your products or services!


Statistics to demonstrate the significance of video marketing today

A survey conducted by an agency specialized in inbound marketing in the United States, a forerunner in the field, revealed the following:

  • When it comes to posting marketing videos on social media, 55 percent of marketers surveyed use a combination of organic and paid content.
  • increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.
  • For 42%, creating video content through an outside agency resulted in better quality.


An outside perspective is critical to the growth of your company

If you believe your numbers are stagnant or can be improved, our video marketing agency can assist your company in reaching its objectives. However, it also provides your company with the skills, tools, and perspective to:

  • Increase your income ;
  • Influencing purchasing decisions ;
  • Respect the trend (traditional newsletters, articles, downloadable documents, and so on have been surpassed by video marketing) ;
  • Optimize its ranking in search engines ;
  • Increase traffic ;
  • Get more backlinks ;
  • Increase conversions ;
  • Make e-mailings more attractive ;
  • Increase the number of shares.

In short, when you entrust your digital content requirements to our video marketing agency, you get more than just a service: we become partners on whom your company can rely to deliver tangible results at a lower cost.


What types of marketing videos generate the most views?

Our video marketing agency customizes the content to meet the needs of your business. What is the scope of your digital strategy? We guide you through the steps of determining the best format for conveying your message:

  • Vlogs (video blogs) ;
  • Interviews;
  • Tutorials ;
  • Presentation videos ;
  • Product demonstrations and reviews ;
  • Testimonials ;
  • Live stream recordings ;
  • Advertisement.

Thanks to our expertise in social media management, we work behind the scenes to generate as many views as possible.


Why call upon our video marketing agency?

If your company is looking for a modern strategy that is on trend and capable of generating real interaction with the public, our video marketing agency can help. Improve your references with high-quality video content created specifically for:

  • Explain your services or products more clearly ;
  • Making a good return on investment ;
  • Adapt your messages to your company's goals ;
  • And above all: to answer concretely to those who prefer online videos to other types of content!


Choose professional quality content

According to the above-mentioned survey:

  • For 68% of marketers surveyed, videos created by a specialized agency are of better quality and have a more professional look.
  • A good marketing video requires two weeks of work for 30% of the time.
  • Production (shooting, lighting, and audio) is the most expensive part of the video creation process, according to 65%.
  • 31% of brands publish two to four videos per month.


To promote a product, share a vision or communicate with customers, the result must be of impeccable quality. Improve your image, your positioning while staying within a rational budget by choosing our video marketing agency

We provide you with a regular traffic report with recommendations as partners and actors in your digital strategy. We work together to track and shape the evolution of your video marketing content.

En tant que partenaires et acteurs de votre stratégie digitale, nous vous fournissons régulièrement un rapport de trafic avec des recommandations. Ensemble, nous suivons l'évolution de vos contenus vidéo marketing et la faisons évoluer au fil du temps.