Social Media Manager: Tasks and Importance

The Social Media Manager is one of the new jobs born with the creation of social networks and their increase in popularity. The Social Media Manager is responsible for the company’s social networks. He defines the company’s strategy on this new media and also the way this strategy is going to be implemented. 


Why the Social Media Manager is so important?

The Social Media Manager is more and more important in companies whatever their activity is. Over the last few years, social networks have had increasing development. In December 2004, when it was launched, Facebook had “only” 1 million active users per month. Nowadays, the most popular social network has almost 2 billion active users every month! A multitude of potential clients that are easily reachable, but also potential unhappy clients who can be reached through these new communication tools. 

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the company’s e-reputation. For this, he has a team with complementary profiles: Graphic designers, Community Managers, Analysis Manager, etc. Sometimes in small companies, the Social Media Manager has several roles to fill and has to do the tasks of a Community Manager as well. His job and the one of the Community Manager should be systematically distinguished because they have different responsibilities. 


What are the missions of the Social Media Manager? 

His principal mission is to manage the brand image in the very competitive world of social networks. First, the Social Media Manager has to analyze the position of his company in this field in order to develop an adapted strategy which will highlight the company and help with achieving positive recommendations. 

So, he decides what will be the digital communication strategy, in agreement with the company Director. He must be an expert in the digital world and know every tool used in this area. But he also has to have excellent communication skills to face up to critics and be creative enough to highlight the brand and appeal to the new clients. 

The Social Media Manager has a job which is close to marketing. He monitors the competition and also new trends. He chooses a strategy, invents following campaigns and organizes the distribution of content. 


At Esokia, we offer to advise you and help you in your digital strategy on social networks, but also in your web marketing. If you are interested or have some questions, please contact us!

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