Web development comparative: which technologies to choose for the creation of your website?

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Regardless of its size or core business, your company needs a virtual showcase today. Indeed, the website has gradually become an essential asset that goes beyond simple added value. In the digital age, it will serve as a development lever, an ambassador, a means of communication towards and for your customers and prospects. It can also serve as a means of internal communication, if it is an intranet.

A major, not to say vital, communication tool, the website will create a link between your internal ecosystem and the external one. Esokia wants to go further in its role as an outsourcing service provider by offering you here a Comparative web development. The different information it contains will help you to determine which technology, among the many mastered by the developers of our web agency, is the most appropriate for your project.

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The importance of your website development technology

It is not always easy to choose the web development tool that will contribute to the success of your project. The goal is to focus on the technology that will precisely meet your needs. At Esokia, we put at your disposal teams of expert developers who master the computer programming languages intended to give life to your Internet site. Saving time, making available skills that you might not have in-house, customisable results that respect your specifications : offer your company a highly personalised and ready-to-use website.

Preparing the creation of your company's website: the right questions

A well-prepared project will give results that meet your expectations. Esokia accompanies you throughout the process by putting all its expertise in web development at your disposal. Therefore, we will answer the essential questions together, for example :

  • The target audience or Personae ;
  • The website's objective: image, notoriety, lead generation, media or customer relations portal... ;
  • The company's core values and how you express them to your visitors;
  • What differentiates you from your competitors ;
  • The budget allocated by the company to this project ;
  • Etc.

Based on your answers, we will set up a tried and tested process, which has given more than convincing results with our clients over the years.

Our comparative web development

Esokia takes care of the web development of your website. For relevant results, for a better management of each project, we have however chosen a fluid and efficient strategy. Our agency has indeed preferred to separate its teams of developers into two main categories:

  • The one dedicated to the development of visible elements (Front End, i.e. all the elements that will be interpreted by the computer's browser in order to display a "visual" result);
  •  The one dedicated to the development of elements running in the background (the Back End, which consists of setting up, configuring and maintaining the website's server and database).

The technologies mastered by our web development agency

Symfony : An open source PHP framework, Symfony runs on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which separates the databases, the view displayed to the user and the business logic. This results in structured projects, which simplify and accelerate the development process.

A powerful toolbox, Symfony is the framework that responds fully and quickly to the needs of creating intranet, extranet, marketplace or SaaS service sites, in a secure, high-performance framework that is easy to install and use.

Laravel : This open source PHP framework runs on the MVC architecture and has a wide enough range of functionalities for rapid web development (useful if you want to create a website from scratch), structured and in line with your needs.

Whether you are a small or large company, this technology offers rapid development while simplifying redundant tasks such as authentication or online payments.

Node JS : this open source JavaScript development platform integrates an HTTP server. Neither framework nor library, it is an execution environment based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine and running on an event loop. This allows it to support high load increases and to work at an impressive speed.

Node JS is the right technology for your online payment system, social platform, streaming service, e-commerce platform, online publishing platform, e-learning platform and project management projects.

ASP Net Core : This open source version of ASP.NET runs on MacOS, Linux and Windows. First published in 2016, this technology is a redesign of previous versions of ASP.NET on Windows.

Esokia recommends ASP Net Core for its multi-platform aspect, its speed and performance for the creation of applications and web services, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and mobile backends.

Sitefinity : a content management system (CMS) to create, store, manage and present content on your website. With multilingual content and pages, it allows you to manage multiple sites with shared content.

Esokia will recommend the use of Sitefinity if your digital project consists of providing relevant and personalised content on the channels of your choice, without resorting to a complex infrastructure.

SiteCore : content management system (CMS) or web content management (WCM) platform, this technology has gradually become a customer experience platform (CXP). It enables companies to collect data about their customers, engage with users on a personal level and launch marketing campaigns across different channels.

Popular with major companies, the Sitecore CMS web platform is powerful, multi-channel and multi-channel: it brings together solutions for content management, digital experience management, digital marketing and e-commerce.

Drupal : An open source CMS, Drupal can be adapted to simple websites or complex web applications. It contains several thousand free modules and themes that allow you to reach your company's target audience.

Esokia recommends Drupal for rich web sites with high traffic in multi sites or multi domains, integrated with third party services (CRM, DAM, etc.), and whose content needs to be modified or updated very regularly (e-commerce, information, etc.).

WordPress : WordPress powers nearly a third of the world's websites. Far from being a simple tool to create blogs, this technology is actually equipped with many functions, themes and plug-ins compatible with browsers such as Chrome or Firefox as well as social networks. Powerful content management system, it allows you to create responsive websites.

Ideal for marketing teams, Esokia recommends WordPress for small and medium sized websites. This CMS allows fast development while being easy to use.

Esokia, your digital partner

Two questions surely arise when reading this list, which can be intimidating: why so many different technologies? Why not get to the point? Because each company has specific needs. When faced with a sufficiently wide range of CMS and frameworks, combined with Esokia's expertise, you will obtain a personalised, high-performance and secure result, in line with your needs for optimising the customer experience.

This "Web Development Comparison" will help you choose the best technology to adopt. Our consultants, designers and teams of experienced developers are ready to apply their know-how to create a unique website, perfect to support your business in every way. Count on Esokia for support at all times : thanks to its expertise, our web development agency will advise you on the technology capable of bringing your digital project to life, point by point.

Technologies Strong points


  • Rapid development of your projects thanks to Esokia's expertise and the ability of the framework to optimise application performance. Symfony is low memory consumption and allows you to develop applications quickly.
  • Very high flexibility ;
  • Extensible and stable frame;
  • A highly functional development environment


  • Highly secure to prevent unintentional and hidden SQL injections
  • Allows the creation of authorization and authentication systems;
  • Allows integration with mail services;
  • Automation of repetitive and tedious tasks while reducing costs at the same time
  • Integration of tools for agile development ;
  • Correction of technical vulnerabilities (SQL injection, falsification of cross-site queries and cross-site scripts)

Node JS

  • Robust technology stack
  • Used for the back end, this technology automatically provides all the advantages of full stack JavaScript development.
  • Fast and event-driven model
  • Fast synchronisation, when using a common language on the client/server side
  • Scalable technology for microservices
  • A rich ecosystem
  • Solid support from the publisher
  • Seamless support from JSON

ASP Net Core

  • High performance, as it is able to automatically optimise code compilation
  • Easy updates
  • Command-line application that supports all major platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Easy maintenance, as the language requires less coding
  • A cross-platform framework that makes it easy to create applications that work well on Mac, Linux and Windows with Asp.net basic web application development.
  • Support for cloud-based development


  • Supports your mobile strategy;
  • Superior digital asset management ;
  • Integrated e-mail campaign management;
  • Adapted to social media;
  • Excellent user interface for content editing and creation;
  • Integrated Google Analytics;
  • User-friendly SEO


  • 100% NET based with a robust API
  • Highly customisable
  • Highly evolutive
  • Flexible
  • Easy internalisation ;
  • Scheduling of content publications or automatic publication of live content ;
  • Quick comparison of versions,
  • Modular design
  • SEO-optimised URLs and support for custom URLs
  • Ability to store physical assets such as images and flashes in the database or file system
  • Assistant driven interface


  • For more than 10 years, Esokia has been developing a wide expertise on this CMS.
  • A dynamic Drupal community that is continually growing to provide new functionality
  • High security thanks to numerous built-in features and quickly published patches
  • Integrated content moderation
  • Flexible content architecture
  • Out-of-the-box configuration management, allowing Esokia's development teams to push and synchronise changes between environments


  • High profitability with low maintenance and service costs
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Multilingual website creation
  • SEO optimization
  • Secure construction
  • A wide range of plug-ins

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