Meet Eric, front-end Madagascar developer at Esokia


With a team of talented and passionate developers, Esokia plays an essential role in Madagascar's technological landscape. Among these talents is Eric, a front-end developer, whose passion for programming and web design has helped transform ideas into captivating user experiences.


As a front-end developer, Eric is responsible for creating the user interface and user experience of various websites and applications. He works closely with graphic designers and back-end developers to ensure that each project is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Eric's goal is to ensure that every website he develops is intuitive, user-friendly and meets the specific needs of its users.


While working at Esokia, Eric also had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned international clients. This exposure to global projects has helped him gain confidence and improve his intercultural communication. He now understands the importance of understanding the needs and expectations of customers, whether local or international, to create truly tailored user experiences.


Read our exclusive interview with Eric.

Front end developer madagascar

Tell us about yourself and your career at Esokia?

Hello ! My name is Eric and I'm originally from Madagascar. As part of my ambitions, I chose to perfect my skills in the field of Front End.

As far as my academic background is concerned, I graduated from an institution specializing in software and website development. I also started my career as a creative graphic designer. And yes! It may sound unusual, but the world of graphic art has always captivated me. Photo montages, logo design, typography and all kinds of color schemes, I really immersed myself in this universe. As time went by, my expertise in this field grew steadily, but at the same time, the clock was relentlessly trying to wake up my developer side, which was on a quiet vacation. So, in order not to totally sideline my creative side, my career choice was clear. And so I became a Front End Developer. At Esokia, I hold the position of Front End Developer and Web Integrator.


What are your tasks?

My main job is to design the visual aspect of a website or web application. In other words, I'm responsible for creating interfaces that are intuitive, pleasing to the eye, easy to use and, above all, compatible with all web browsers.

If a customer submits a prototype, it's up to me to deliver a rendering faithful to what I've been given. In certain circumstances, there may be a technical constraint linked to the prototype. As a result, it's my responsibility to give them my assessment of the matter, so as to maintain the quality of the work delivered, while respecting standards. 

With quality in mind, my role is also to ensure visual consistency between different types of devices on different screen sizes (computer, tablet or mobile device). On a more technical level, I'm in regular contact with back-end developers to retrieve and manipulate the data needed to display information to users based on their actions.


What fascinates you about this job and why did you choose it?

One person in particular motivated me to embrace this profession. He was a full-stack developer who wasn't particularly attracted to the front end. However, his demonstration of the domain totally captivated my interest. It's impressive, because we're dealing with a world that combines intellect with visual art. I'm able, for example, to program a button with a variety of animations that are limited only by my creativity. Fascinating, isn't it?  


Why did you choose to work at Esokia?

I chose to work at Esokia because I like the logo. Just kidding! The logo is nice, but the answer to that question lies mainly in the technical evolution I get out of each project I work on. 


Eric is a passionate front-end developer who brings a unique touch to the projects he works on. His dedication to continuous learning, technical versatility and positive attitude make him a valuable asset to Esokia Madagascar. Through his work, Eric is helping to strengthen Madagascar's reputation as a thriving digital hub and to put the country on the global technology map.

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