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Madagascar: the Eldorado of digital talent

Since the 90s, Madagascar has become highly digitalized and has even become one of the main offshore destinations to achieve its digital transformation.

As we already know, the digital revolution is a phenomenon that has spread globally since the arrival of the Internet. This is what prompted Madagascar to privilege the field of NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies) in order to present itself as the Eldorado of digital!

We interviewed our country manager from our Malagasy office in order to know his perspectives on the digital field in Madagascar.

Quang-Tri HUYNH - Country Manager of Esokia Madagascar :

  • What is your mission within Esokia ?

"My name is Mr Quang-Tri HUYNH, 47 years old, of French nationality and I come from Boulogne-Billancourt (Department 92). I come from the retail sector with 18 years of experience in central purchasing.

My mission in Antananarivo for Esokia Madagascar is to pilot, manage and promote the company. My role is to guarantee and develop our work force, our efficiency, our skills and our professionalism towards our European and regional clients".

Tri Huynh


  • What are the advantages for a company to be established in Madagascar?

"The advantages of our web and digital domain in Madagascar is to have very competent developers and develop their expertise. They are very proactive and committed. We are proud to rely on our Malagasy collaborators who are determined and naive. This is the kind of "catalyst" that our clients appreciate and that we need!"


  • What are the challenges you observe for a digital center in Madagascar?

"The objectives are to pilot, manage and promote the web agency. Our challenge is to preserve and enhance the image and reputation of our agency in the web and digital world. This requires our transparency in BtoB and/or BtoC business. We also offer qualified resources while respecting the triptych: quality, cost and deadline".


  • Can you introduce us to the Esokia Madagascar team ?

"Esokia Madagascar's team consists of 25 people with an average age of 32 years. I am the only non-local. They come from various parts of the country but the majority are from the capital Antananarivo."


Equipe Mada
  • What are the skills and types of profile that we find within the team of Esokia Madagascar?

"We have very diverse and complementary profiles, each with its own strong point in a computer language. But in general, they also have skills at all levels, from frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel or CMS Wordpress, Drupal, Magento... to front-end skills with Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, etc. Our teams are very close to each other. When someone is stuck or does not master a language too well, he can always count on the others to explain it to him. We work effectively with clients at a distance.  That's what I taught them from the moment I took over: solidarity, cohesion and communication."


  • How is Madagascar positioned in the IT sector? Are we finding IT talent in Madagascar?

“Esokia Madagascar has a positioning of start-ups with a very family atmosphere. It’s not a geek factory
There is very dynamic competition in the IT sector in Madagascar but no matter, it's part of the game and there's room for everyone. We help developers to train and develop their IT knowledge and skills because it's vital. We regularly take part in IT contests or competitions to stimulate cohesion and make our company known."


Indeed, in order to master the Art of digital in a general way, our Malagasy teams have the opportunity to follow studies or online courses to be trained in the web professions.

All Malagasy specialists in the digital sector have skills and qualities that are required by the largest European companies. We qualify their profiles as competent, versatile and above all ultra connected. Above all, they have above all a great capacity of adaptation, which allows them to carry out all the new tasks and missions that are entrusted to them with confidence.

It is by looking at all these professional skills that many of our clients are confident to outsource all or part of the production of their digital services in Madagascar.

If you are looking for a digital agency in Madagascar to carry out your project or outsource your digital transformation, contact us!

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