How much does it cost to develop an API?


Any computer development project must include a budget as a key component. By providing an immediate answer to the question "How much does it cost to develop an API?", it is possible to set up a secure, open, and most importantly effective collaboration. What must be kept in mind to get results that meet deadlines... Financial projections are included!


What is an API?


An API (Application Programming Interface) is composed of a set of routines, protocols and tools. It is presented in the form of an application capable of ensuring communication with other applications present in a network. As an intermediary, it allows :

  • Connecting and allowing a wide range of software and data to interact initially without any relation to one another while receiving requests and sending responses;
  • Developers to add features and functionality to software through a wide range of APIs created by other developers.
  • The API is used, for example, to establish the connection between an online sales site and a payment platform


4 types of API

There are 4 main types of API: public, partner, private and composite.

  • The public API is open source, meaning that it is available to all third-party developers or outside companies.
  • The Partner API is only accessible by certain authorized external developers or API consumers.
  • The internal or private API is designed for internal use by the business to connect its systems and data, as indicated by its name.
  • The composite API is generally a combination of two or more APIs. It allows the development of operation chains that are linked or dependent on each other.

What type of API to choose for your IT development project? Esokia, a web development agency, will help you make the right decision.


How much does it cost to develop an API?

Since the API is a core component, it is essential to have the right skills for its development. In the absence of internal resources, hiring an external developer.
According to the website, "the median salary for IT developer jobs in France are €32,006 per year or €17.59 per hour. This requires a substantial budget, when we know that the development of an API requires 69 hours overall, with a minimum of 35 hours and a maximum of 104 hours

At Esokia, we have all the necessary skills, resources and technologies to take charge of your API development project, at a lower cost.


Why is API development time-consuming?

There are 7 main steps for the development of an API. Here is a summary:

  • Identify the API's goal;
  • Analyze and determine targets;
  • Create a development team;
  • Progressive development:
  • Conception ;
  • Virtualization of dependencies;
  • Construction of the business logic;
  • Test
  • Creation of the API documentation
  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPI) : 
  • Measures of the audience's journey
  • Measures of business objectives
  • Collecting and processing comments
  • Commercialization.


Why do companies need APIs?

The need to develop an API comes from a specific business need. It can be:


A strategic commercial lever

  • By sharing data with a partner company in the same industry, data synergy is achieved;
  • To make data public and allow anyone who wishes to develop a solution to access said data for free;
  • To avoid replacing a system of redundancies with a variety of possibilities for the different users who wish to work with the company's services.


A data management tool

  • To overcome the lack of time or resources needed to collect a large amount of data ;
  • To process and analyze quantities of data that are too large and too complex for humans;
  • To manage the processes of access, security and publication of APIs on third-party channels.


A tool for the development of the company

  • By enabling data integration across multiple platforms;
  • By making the data accessible;
  • By making sure that the commercially offered good or service is consistent from start to finish.



How much does it cost to develop an API through outsourcing?

Do you have the time, money, and resources needed to hire and train an internal resource solely devoted to your API's development?
Esokia offers a quick, thorough, and rational takeover of your project thanks to a committed and experienced team. This is done at a lower cost for frequently better quality than that which is provided internally or even inshore.
Your IT project requires constant attention and strict adherence to guidelines to ensure that the API created is fully compatible and documented for your integration partners and end users.


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