How to increase the visibility of a Blog ?

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After hours and hours of text writing, you want to increase the visibility of your blog, but you don’t know how? On first glance, it’s easy to create a blog, but the hard part is to generate traffic on your blog. So, how to do it? In order to help you, here are some Esokia’s tips to increase the visibility of your blog.


Make use of heading tags

Heading tags are the titles of website pages. They are range from the h1 to the h6 tag and each of the HTML document can contain one or more h1 to h6 headings.

You may certainly know why headings are important?

The reason is simple, the heading tags improve not only the structure and reading of your articles, but it also improves its ranking and therefore the visibility of your blog.

So, do not deprive it, but you should make use of headings in a right way because it should be utilized with sense and inserted carefully, in order to have an impact on the search engines. The h1 tag is considered as the most important among all other headings, so it helps for the referencing of your content. But, the more you make use of h2 to h6 heading, the worst your content will be considered important by search engines. So, make good use of it.


Increase the visibility of your blog by using backlinks

When writing your article, you can make use of external links also called backlink. A backlinking is a link on the external page that points on a page on your website. These types of links can be a benefit not only of your SEO but also bring the traffic of other websites and thus increase the visibility of your blog.

Obtaining a backlink can be done in two ways.

Naturally: A backlink is natural when a user, decides to talk about your content by pointing your link on another website.

Netlinking strategy: Netlinking consist of getting links from good external websites without any compensation on your behalf.

Making use of the net linking can quickly increase the visibility of your blog, but for it to be natural and effective; here are some steps to follow:

  • Your backlinks domain names must be of good influence and reference.
  • The more you get links from different sources, the most you'll look serious.
  • It would be more logical and natural if your backlink deals with the same theme of your content 
  • Your link should ideally come from a high Page Rank source 
  • Your return links or backlinks should use the tag


Creating engagement by inserting comments in similar blogs

It is judicious to create a relationship with operating sites in the same field of activity. In order to increase the visibility of your blog, you can put commentsby inserting the link of your article on another similar blog who treat the same content as yours. It's a great way to reach a potential target and build a positive image among readers. 

These simple promotion methods will not only improve the visibility of your content on the net, but it will also increase traffic and attract readers on your blog.


Built a relationship and share with influencers

On the net we can found many influencers, they are present on blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and other social networks... they are simply everywhere. Ideally, an influencer is someone who is very active on social networks and who has a highly developed network.

Influencers have the particularity to target a specific audience according to the theme of your blog. It is very interesting to work with an influencer who has a great popularity and exchange links with him, as it can certainly increase the legitimacy of your website and your traffic. But be careful not to do a simple exchange of links on site A to site B, as the link might not be found natural and your blog can be penalized by the search engines.

It is a wise idea to exchange with influencers who have at least an average popularity because those who have thousands of followers are certainly expensive.


Advertise your blog through social networks

The use of social networks is a must because it’s the fastest and most effective way to publicize your blog. It is important to highlight that SEO and social media are intertwined

With the constant increase of users, you should use these media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, can seriously boost the visibility of your blog.

In order to help you, here are some tips to increase the visibility of your blog through the social networks:

  • Adapt your content to the specificities of your social networks.
  • Make use of relevant keywords on your content so that you can target your users.
  • Put forward incoming links on your posts so that you can improve your SEO.
  • Promote your blog or articles on social platforms. They often offer advertising facilities, allowing you to sponsor your publications, page or website in order to give them the best visibility.

Social networks allow you to boost the traffic of your blog, but it also gives the opportunity to make it known to a potential readership. Furthermore, they are also a good way to complement the work done on your SEO to boost the visibility of your blog.


Increase the visibility of a blog is a long process

Growing-up the visibility of your blog doesn't happen in a day or a week, it is a long-term process. When you start your blog, you can put into practice these tips, but don’t forget that, if you want to increase the visibility of your blog, you must above all be consistent, patient, and vigorous.