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Creating a website is a good start, but going further by optimizing your SEO is better. You may be one of those who think they can optimize their SEO alone. Let us explain why working with a SEO agency is now almost unavoidable.


To face the competition

Nowadays, the web is one of the privileged tools of companies to sell their products and services. E-commerce or showcase websites, the websites are a reflection of the company and give it visibility... if we stand out from competitors. Our client, SUN Resorts hotel group, understood this. He decided to accompany the redesign of his websites with a meticulous work of his SEO. And he chose our agency as its SEO agency.


For a real expertise

Keywords, title tags, ALT attributes, meta descriptions, on-site and off-site optimizations, loading times, netlinking... so many terms to know to work on your SEO strategy. If these expressions do not speak to you, it will be difficult for you to optimize your SEO alone.Two important points can be distinguished in SEO: on-site and off-site. The on-site corresponds to all SEO optimizations directly did on the website and its content. It includes the following elements: title tags, meta-description, ALT attributes, Hn tags, URLs, load times, etc. This is a technical SEO that sometimes involves web development.

The off-site is mainly composed of netlinking, the work on external links from other websites. It is an indispensable technique that meets specific criteria to improve its visibility on search engines.

An SEO strategy requires thought. It adapts to the profile of the website, the company, the services and the products offered. But it also takes time. Many customers think that optimizations are simply implemented at one time.

This is wrong! The criteria of a good SEO are changing every day. Methods change and improve with search engine updates. This involves keeping abreast of news, and making the necessary changes on its website. Just as the strategy must be reviewed regularly to ensure the maintenance of results. This implies to understand the theory, but also the technical aspects of implementation. An SEO agency is a real asset. It will bring you a new vision of your SEO, it will define the real issues and realize the necessary actions.


To have only one interlocutor with Esokia

SEO agency like Esokia, which is also competent in website development, will also be able to apply all optimizations itself. Which means to have only one interlocutor, and not one for the SEO and another one for the development. At Esokia, you even have a dedicated project manager who will be your only point of contact. An important point when time is precious.


To inform you on the subject

The added value of an SEO agency like Esokia is that it will transfer you knowledge. His goal? Work closely with you so that you know each completed step and its importance. This is your website and your strategy. 

Transparency is essential. Work with a SEO agency is a really beneficial solution. An SEO strategy is not invented overnight. It works and changes to improve. The expertise is necessary. We invite you to contact us if you want to share with us your SEO projects.

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