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Website Analysis : a diagnosis of your online presence

A website analysis involves evaluating a website's performance, in terms of ergonomics and design, as well as its sales and marketing effectiveness. On the one hand, this exercise enables you to check whether your online pages meet best practices and are adapted to your web users. On the other hand, having identified any shortcomings, it facilitates the definition and application of strategies to improve the user experience, as well as your website's positioning on search engines.

of VSEs and SMEs believe that the web is essential to their growth.

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This e-commerce site for the sale of agricultural products has benefited from the know-how of our audit experts to continue to strengthen.

Esokia: entrust your audit to specialists!

By opting for an audit, you're already halfway to a better website: more reliable, attractive, fast, well-referenced and that sells.

If you don't have website analysis skills in your company, don't worry! Entrust your project to the talents of Esokia!

Our technical teams, made up of experienced developers, Quality Assurance (QA) testers and digital marketing experts / web marketers, have the know-how required for auditing, creating and redesigning websites. To get started, however, you need to choose the audit you need. Don't worry, we'll explain everything!

Website analysis: what are the different types of audit?

The audit is undertaken on the basis of quantitative studies (online surveys) and qualitative studies (technical expert tests), as well as the analysis of visitor behavior. Several aspects of a website can be audited, including :

  • Ergonomics

Fluidity of navigation, ease of use, visual comfort, responsiveness and plasticity of interfaces (responsive web design), originality and attractiveness of design.

  • Features

Image resolution, description of products and services, performance of search functions, ability to share on social networks, contact options, call-to-action...

  • Contents

Quality and relevance of content according to visitors' expectations and especially those of the target audience, as well as trends, variety of content (blogs, videos, animations, etc.).

  • Accessibility

User options for all Internet user profiles, including those with disabilities (hearing, visual...) so that they can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the website.

  • Referencing

Search engine visibility, traffic statistics (number of visitors, conversion and bounce rates, most viewed pages, traffic sources, time spent) and SEO.

  • E-reputation:

Review analysis: Internet users' opinions, perception of the brand, the company and its services on search engines, review platforms and social networks.

  • Regulatory compliance

Assessment of the website's compliance with current regulations, including RGPD, accessibility of legal notices and general terms and conditions of sale, site security.

By way of illustration, a 360° audit, i.e. at all the levels mentioned above, is recommended if you're planning to redesign your website.

Website analysis: benefits and objectives

What are the benefits?

Regular analysis of your site ensures that it's always in line with your business, your philosophy, your targets (personas) and their expectations, as well as with the latest technological advances and methods for better referencing. Far from being an expense with no return, your Internet showcase is an investment! The aim of a one-off audit is to highlight your site's strengths and weaknesses, with a view to fine-tuning it and achieving higher goals.

What are the main objectives to be achieved following the analysis of your website?

  • Perfect your website

Improve your websiteKey figures for small and medium-sized businesses in 2020 show that 70% of companies with an online presence are not getting a return on investment, due to poor website ergonomics. During the audit, these flaws and the source of the bugs will be revealed. You'll then know what needs to be corrected to make your site more user-friendly on different electronic devices, reduce its loading time, better target your customers and build loyalty. It's also useful to identify the strengths of your competitors' sites, so that you can modify certain functions yourself.

  • Improve your site's search engine ranking

These are Yahoo, Bing and, in particular, Google. Statistics show that in France, Google holds 92% of search engine market share. This leader uses over 200 criteria to determine the ranking of sites on its results pages. The audit is an opportunity to review your backlinks and URLs, optimize your tags and metadata, improve the quality of your site's content by using better keywords, and so on. The natural referencing of your site is absolutely essential, especially as Google changes its algorithms almost ten times a day. It's also worth noting that content marketing generates three times as many leads as paid search engine advertising.

In-depth audit by Esokia's experts

Is your traffic low? Does your site lack visibility? Get in touch with us!

Esokia has all the expertise needed to carry out an in-depth audit of your website, in terms of ergonomics, functionality and content, as well as accessibility, SEO, e-reputation and regulatory compliance.  

Our experts will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb: source code, design and SEO. We guarantee an exhaustive analysis in the shortest possible time, delivered with professional advice. If you wish, we can also support you in redesigning your website and implementing effective web marketing strategies.

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