wordpress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is shaking up your habits!

WordPress is the most downloaded CMS in the world. It started as a blog software, and since then it has evolved a lot. Its administration interface is very user-friendly and acclaimed by users, especially the marketing and digital teams. WordPress has strong SEO capabilities. It allows you to realize all types of sites such as showcase sites, e-commerce sites, small ads, etc.

Expected by some and dreaded by others, the new version of WordPress is available and downloadable since early December 2018! Two major new features have been introduced, making WordPress even more user-friendly.

The new text editor called Gutenberg

This is a revolution compared to the interface that was used previously. Everything is organized with these famous blocks. These custom blocks change the way users, developers, and hosts interact with WordPress to create rich web content which is easy-to-use. The person who writes the article can insert different types: paragraph, title, quote, image, button or video. You can rearrange the blocks with a simple drag and drop. 
«The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content simple and fun» the developers explain.
It is still possible to return to the Classic Editor, thanks to a dedicated extension. The support of the Classic Editor extension is provided by WordPress until 2021. Enough time to prepare yourself for adopting the blocks!!

Twenty Nineteen, the new theme

WordPress 5.0 also changes its presentation and adopts a new theme! Twenty Nineteen is a theme with modern design and large spaces that facilitate reading, and this graphic theme also promises an optimal loading speed. Twenty Nineteen is designed to fit everyone's needs. This new version also makes it easier to connect to APIs and increases security! 

The risks that should be anticipated with this new version of WordPress

These changes may impact the way this is displayed online. It is advisable to go through a pre-production phase and create a draft that includes all the blocks proposed by WordPress. The incompatibility of several plugins with the new base may create regressions on the sites in question.

So it is recommended, before changing the WordPress version, to do a series of tests because obviously, it could have some consequences on all levels, from the layout to the theme and the plugins. The third-party services, from a digital agency like Esokia, allow you to identify all graphics, functional, technical and editorial bugs on all websites or mobile applications.

Esokia is a WordPress specialist and has realized hundreds of sites with this CMS and some of those are Orange StarAfrica: football club, music club, and entrepreneur club.

With this offer you save time, you save resources and you guarantee your customers a quality product on a multitude of media! Do not hesitate to reach out to us for our third-party services, and the expertise and experience of our WordPress developers.


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