Why you should be present on B2B social networks?

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In France in 2016, 80% of 25-39 year olds and 40% of 40-59 year olds were on social networks. A significant number, especially for those who are looking for new clients. Nowadays, your marketing strategy and/or your communication strategy must include B2B social networks. We explain you why and give you a social networks list.


The interest of using social networks

Why a company should be present on social networks? The answer is quite simple: to interact more easily with its clients. Did you know that 1/3 of buyers use these tools to contact sellers?

The social networks are a good way to create a link with your clients. Nowadays, 64% of B2B companies are present on social networks. So, if you are not there yet, maybe it is time to ask yourself some questions. 

Because it is a good way to create bonds with your clients or future clients, but not only that ! If your presence on B2B social networks is well worked, it will help you monitor your e-reputation and your brand image, but also to increase your sales


Our social networks list special B2B

LinkedIn: the most popular

LinkedIn has had a big growth these last few years. Today, this social network is a real leads generator capable of bringing you new clients. 

What are its advantages? You can create a real community around your company with a company page. With it, you will inform your professional network of your activity. You can also contact potential clients with a social network recognized as professional. 


Facebook, an indispensable element

Number 1 of social networks in the world, Facebook is essential for a company and has to be present on our social networks list. But be careful, as number 1, Facebook is extremely competitive. Your strategy on this tool must be meticulously thought through. An investment that is well worth it. In June 2017, this social network exceeded the number of 2 billion active users per month. So much clients for your company!


Twitter, the less obvious

Twitter is a social network that often seems complicated for those who do not use it. But 85% of the companies would use it! The advantage of Twitter is its information in real time and possibility for sharing your content easily with a lot of internet users (if the strategy is well implemented). 

With Twitter, you highlight your expertise by sharing a quality information, and above all, you can have easy access to influencers in your field and that can be potential way to pass your information.


Google+, less known but very useful

Using Google+ can particularly be good for your Search Engine Optimization (to better understand what it is, read our article about it). Google uses it to determine your position. It is a social network which is often used by bloggers, who can also be target group for sharing information about your company.


Youtube, the best for video

Does your marketing strategy use video? No need to think about it more, Youtube will be your best friend, especially if your products are visual. Videos have the advantage to install trust. And they can also be shared on other social networks!

With Youtube, you are closer with your clients. You can present your company, present your products, but also help your clients use them with tutorials, if needed!


The strategy on these social networks

Rely on Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a form of entry marketing which brings your client to you. With social networks, this approach is easier. You just have to position yourself as an expert on your social networks by publishing articles, advices, graphics… and answering to your Internet users’ questions and debates. 


Use the ads

Sponsored ads are possible on the majority of social networks. Using them will give you a bigger visibility from the one you would have from simply communicating with your community. But it will also allow you to target more precisely your potential clients. On LinkedIn, you can choose the activity field, job position, place, etc. Functionalities that you can also find on Facebook. But be careful, the necessary budgets can quickly reach huge proportions. You have to think of your strategy in the long term. 


Visible contact details

A logical advice, but often forgotten. Remember to highlight your contact details on social networks that you use. In this way you will give your professional contacts a possibility to contact you more easily. On Facebook, it is possible to put a call-to-action button on the top of your page. Then, you can define its goal: call now, ask for a meeting, contact us, etc. 


Nowadays, it is impossible not to be present on social networks and B2B social networks. They are incredible generators of business opportunities. They will also allow you to have a bigger visibility of your brand, to touch more potential clients, to monitor and improve your e-reputation. There are only benefits of working on these social networks! So, trust our social networks list.