Why WordPress can be your CMS?

Did you know that when WordPress was created in 2003, its goal was to be a simple tool to manage a blog easily and its content copywriting? It was the perfect solution for non-developers or programmers who wanted to have a presence on the Internet. 

Nowadays, WordPress is still a system to manage content creation which allows you to create easily your own website. The only difference is that the program has progressed to offer a more advanced personalization. With proven success, this CMS now has an amazing community including our group. 

Say goodbye to the simple blog tool, and welcome to the tool to create a real website. If you are not convinced yet, here are some arguments to make you like one of our favorite CMS’.


Reason 1: WordPress and its personalization 

WordPress is far from a small number of designs he had at the beginning. Nowadays, the famous CMS has more than hundreds of designs which will allow you to choose the style suitable for your activity! You can also customize it with a different font, adapted colors and plugins depending on your needs. WordPress has more than hundreds of plugins! Even more solutions for more functionalities. 


Reason 2: it is simple

You have understood it, no need to be an expert to use WordPress. The back office is simple, adding content can be done with just one hand, as well as the pictures loading, monitoring of visitors’ comments, and other functionalities… Everything is flowing, no need to understand html. So, you aren’t interested yet?


Reason 3: WordPress has a huge community of fans

WordPress is different from other CMS’ because of its huge – and also very active – community. News are regular thanks to this community. And the big advantage is its availability if you need help with your hassles with this CMS (but it’s quite simple).


Reason 4: its facilitated Search Engine Optimization

It is another reason which matters to us! WordPress is considered as a very efficient tool for the SEO in search engines, and particularly Google. Most important tags can be added at the beginning. And for those who want to develop more their SEO, many plugins are available, especially created for its CMS. 


The list of possibilities is long with WordPress: blog, corporate website, e-commerce website, forum, directory, social network… you have a real choice and several possibilities. You also need to know that WordPress uses JQuery and not flash elements which can be bad for reading on tablets and mobile phones. Some designs also incorporate a totally responsive technology. A strong point of this CMS when we know that Internet users surf more and more on their mobile phones and tablets. 

WordPress also allows some people to work on the same document, and allows to import content from other management systems, to manage its medias through an integrated library, etc. 

Nowadays, web agencies including Esokia, strongly recommend their clients to use this CMS (depending on the situation, of course). And for those who do not work with a web agency or developers (you take risks), you can use WordPress.com which is an online and free limited version of WordPress. 

Finally, and because we are open to all technologies, you can also discover the positive points of Drupal in our previous article: Why choose Drupal as a CMS?

We also invite you to have a look on our web references including some with WordPress!

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