Why choose Serbia for Nearshoring IT services ?

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Look at our new nearshoring IT services center in Serbia

That’s right, from March 2016, you can also find our nearshoring IT services center in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Our office in Belgrade is located in Senjak, Milovana Glišića street.

With the rise of popularity in offshore/nearshore outsourcing, many Eastern European countries are on a good way to become competitors to traditional offshore destinations. Therefore, Serbia became a promising outsource destination in Europe, mainly because of its geographic position, cultural affinity, and the most importantly, unique combination of high quality and low cost skill-sets.

That’s why we decided to expand our crew right here in Belgrade! Our branch in Serbia is mainly focused on mobile development and e-commerce with a specialization on Magento and .NET, but we don’t leave behind other areas of Esokia expertise as well. Our employees are very professional and experienced, and once they dedicate their time to a project – they won’t stop until it’s done perfectly! Meanwhile, in our office, we like to keep casual and friendly atmosphere, we believe that the ones that work hard, deserve to have fun as much as it is possible. 


Belgrade is located in the Central European Time Zone, only 2-3 hours flight away from major European cities. This is very convinient for our clients from all around the Europe, we can easily colaborate within the same time zone. And of course, we can easily visit each other! Belgrade is known as a real cosmopolitan metropolis, with many business opportunities, a lot of different events and entertainment activities, which makes it very attractive for our clients to visit.

Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Redhat, SAP are key investers there.

The annuel growth in Serbia was over 4.9% in 2019 and the software development market is valued at >500M€ in 2016.

Definitvely, meet us in Serbia !


esokia belgrade



esokia belgrade