What should you choose for your digital project: AngularJs, ReactJs or Vue.js?

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There are many technologies you can use for web development.  First of all, remember that there is back-end development, which is the part that is not visible to everyone (client and user). And there is the front-end development that we will talk about in this article which is the design of the graphical user interface.

How will you choose the right front-end technology for your project?

We have made a comparison of the 3 best known front-end frameworks of the moment and in which our agency is expert.

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The advantages and disadvantages of each :

ReactJS :

It is a JavaScript library created by Facebook used to build large web applications where data can change on a regular basis.


  • It is easy to learn because it has a simple syntax to learn
  • It's a very flexible and responsive framework.
  • It uses a virtual DOM (programming concept)
  • It can easily work with a high load because it is combined with ES6/7
  • It's an open source JavaScript library that can be easily manipulated by developers because it's a known language
  • Upgrading is very easy and Google also automates a large part of the migration process.


  • There's a lack of official documentation from React Native.
  • developers can have too many choices sometimes so they consider the framework to be "unopinionated".
  • ReactJs is also very long to master and therefore requires a deep knowledge of it to successfully integrate the user interface into the MVC framework.

AngularJS :

It's also a JavaScript framework but it's component oriented which leads it to be very used to build very interactive web applications.


  • unlike ReactJs, Angular has extensive and detailed documentation
  • a bidirectional data link is established in order to minimize the risk of errors
  • it constantly offers new and improved features
  • it uses the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) allowing several developers to work separately on the same section of the application and using the same set of data


  • there are many problems with migrations from older to newer versions
  • The syntax of the first version of Angular is very complex.


It is also a JavaScript framework that has the particularity to create highly adaptable user interfaces and to create complex single-pages.


  • This framework has similar features with its competitor Angular especially on the management of HTML blocks and their optimization with the use of various components.
  • It also has detailed documentation.
  • It is seen as highly adaptable by providing a fast transition period from another framework to this one.
  • It can develop large, reusable templates by making them without additional time.
  • It is also small (about 20 KB) and keeps its speed and flexibility to achieve better performance than other frameworks.


  • a great lack of resources can be perceived.
  • In some documentation, the elements are written in Chinese because the technology has a Chinese history. Today, however, more and more materials are being translated into English.

Comparative table of front-end frameworks :

  AngularJS ReactJS Vue.js

Official Website

angularjs.org reactjs.org vuejs.org

Date of the first version

2010 2013 2014


+++ +++++ +++++


+++++ +++++ +


Hard Medium Easy

Developer Community

++++ +++++ ++




++ +++++ +++++

JavaScript Framework

Yes Yes Yes

Use by brands


The choice of technology will depend on the type of project you wish to carry out. For this, we advise you to call on the advice of experts who will answer you and can also take care of the development of your web application.

If you need advice or information to choose the most appropriate framework for your digital project, contact us !

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