SICOM unveils its new website!


The 23rd of July was an especially busy day for SICOM Group, one of Esokia's clients. In fact, the company, which calls itself "a prominent financial services organization in Mauritius," revealed the opening of a new branch in Flacq, inside the La Source Commercial Center, as well as unveiled its brand-new website, which was created by our website creation agency.

Who is SICOM Group?

SICOM Group's history is not brand-new. In fact, everything began in 1974 when the National Assembly voted to establish a State Insurance Company. The firm has evolved its offerings over time to allow both individuals and businesses to take use of its insurance and financial products, including life insurance, general insurance, retirement, finance, loans, and actuarial.

The PostAssurance counter in Cascavelle replaced by that of Flacq!

The newly inaugurated Flacq showroom takes the place of the one formerly installed in the Cascavelle Shopping Village. Those present on July 23 to celebrate the opening were able to take advantage of promotional offers on various products dedicated to life, home, car and travel insurance, but also on loans and leasing.

A new SICOM website

Good news never travels alone, thus the SICOM group has also chosen to move forward with its digital transformation. As planned, the company will redesign its website and work on developing a mobile application and client portal…And this mission has been entrusted to Esokia! With strong expertise, our website development agency provided ongoing support throughout the entire project, which took four months to conceptualize, design, and develop.


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