Web professions: Esokia is hiring for 2018!

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Relatively new, the web has quickly become an integral part of our daily life, in both our personal and professional lives. Today, it's impossible to ignore and pretend to live without it... especially for a company.

Whether it is in the banking sector as our client SBM, or in many other areas, the challenge of today is to ensure its digital transformation. It’s not always easy when the digital is not our core business. Esokia understood it well. That’s why we have developed a range of services adapted to all needs and by representing the majority  of web professions.

We are constantly recruiting to provide our clients receive a rigorous, expert and complete support. So, if in 2018 you want to leave a new adventure, don’t miss this opportunity!


What are the web professions in Esokia?


  • Our architects, developers

Professionals of websites and mobile applications, developers are at the foundation of everything. They are responsible for creating a program based on the client's specifications. At Esokia, our developers are divided between back-ends and front-ends, the back-ends managed the submerged part of the iceberg and the front-ends deals with the elements of the visibility of the site on the screen and with which we can interact. All this under the supervision of experienced project managers dedicated to mobile or websites development. Find all our offers for developers (Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, PHP, ZEND, Angular JS, etc.) here.


  • Our behavioural pros, the UX designers

Their objective? Successfully analyse user needs and behaviour to make the experience as fluid and enjoyable as possible. We talked previously in our article dedicated to the UX and UI on our website. We are always looking for passionate designers willing to share their experience within our international agency to complete the list of our web professions.


  • Our controllers, Quality Assurance testers

Our digital agency has the particularity to focus on Quality Assurance. During each digital project, our testers are on the lookout for any slightest errors in the website or mobile application development before the final production. During each new modification, the tester looks with his expert eye at all the detail of the site or the mobile application. So if you have a lynx eye, junior or not, join us!


  • Our digital marketers, the digital marketing team

Because an agency cannot claim to be "digital" without offering digital marketing services, Esokia also offers services in natural referencing (SEO), paid search (SEA), social media and web content writing. The marketing team is now an integral part of the web professions as it maximizes the visibility of your business or service on the web and also manages your reputation online via social networks.


We think that the specialisation of tasks in the digital field makes it possible to respond precisely to the customer’s needs. That's why we rely on expert profiles in a field and technology, and rely on project managers to coordinate actions.

At Esokia, our customers can, therefore, build their own dedicated team based on our web professions and on each person’s skills in order to ensure the development of their project.