Web Developers in Mauritius : WebCup Mauritius 2018


Web developers in Mauritius are amazing !

Saturday, May 05 th: Earth is being overrun by zombies! The human race, almost entirely contaminated, will become extinct.

There is still some hope! All around the world, survivor groups are struggling to survive. Each of them developed its market: Some became hunters, others are fishermen or healers. 

For example, healers are selling their antidotes to the hunters. In exchange, they give their meat. A flourishing market is created! 

The Webcup goal ? To make a website where every group has to promote his products.

Every team represents one survivor group.

Ready, set, go!

Each group has 24h to create its website. Everyone is getting ready to gather its products and promote them: hurry up, the clock is running! 

Time’s up !

On Sunday morning, the competition draws to an end : Let’s rest for a bit and have some coffee before the results! Esokia, sponsor of the event and winner of the Webcup first iteration, is proud to have Patrick Morin, our technical director, in the jury!

And the winner is… 

1st place LSL Digita!l 

2nd place: Diiz

3rd place:Kryptonite

 Well done everyone! Esokia wishes good luck to LSL Digital at the international final! 


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