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Esokia co-founder partner of Semergi agency.

By creating Semergi with the Playnet Interactive agency specializing in SEA, Esokia was able to take stock of the challenges of optimizing e-commerce sites to maximize their conversion rate.
Indeed, optimizing an e-commerce site to maximize the number of conversions from visitors to customers has become a strategic priority of digital marketing. The contribution of mass traffic according to proven techniques of SEO and SEA, is no longer sufficient to ensure the profitability of an e-commerce site.
Semergi completes the traditional offer of Esokia’s services and Playnet Interactive by offering an innovative 360 ° consulting offer, transversal and global, which covers four areas dedicated to e-commerce website optimization: Neuromarketing, UX Design / UI, SEO (Performance) and SEA!
The core of Semergi's consulting business is neuromarketing applied to the optimization of user experience and e-commerce website interface design. Neuromarketing is the set of strategies, principles, tactics, techniques, tips based on the results of research in neuroscience and research in consumer psychology applied to digital marketing.
The e-commerce players who aim to optimize the conversion rate of their site can no longer base their data-driven optimization strategy solely on the benefits of neuromarketing.
Semergi is a solution for optimization of conversion rate or "CRO" (Conversion Rate Optimization) of an e-commerce site to:

  • Lower the bounce rate of Landing pages
  • Increase the volume of conversions
  • Lower the cost (SEM) by conversion
  • Maximize the ROI of paid links campaigns
  • Increase average shopping cart and recurrence

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