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SBM: a modern website for the bank of the future

Esokia has once again used its expertise on behalf of a major Mauritian client. A major challenge since we are committed to the SBM (State Bank of Mauritius) for the redesign of their website.

Founded in 1973, SBM Holdings is one of the most important banking institution of Mauritius, and is also present in several countries such as Madagascar, India and Kenya. In 2016, The Banker even ranked it among the top 1000 banks in the world... A real challenge for our digital team.

Today, the banking sector is facing the challenge of digital transformation. Consumers are becoming more demanding about these issues. Banks must review the way they operate and include digital in their operation and services. It is with pride that we have worked with SBM on its digital transformation, advising and accompanying the bank in its website redesign strategy.

The SBM website is modernizing

Making the new site more understandable and up to date, these were the main challenges of this project developed with the Drupal 8 technology.

As in any redesign, the first step was to completely review the structure of the website. With its wide range of banking and non-banking products and services, the risk was getting lost in the existing pages. It is therefore with great care and in close collaboration with the SBM team that our experts have recreated a clear and intuitive structure for customers and potential future customers.

Sbm Structure

In addition to making the site more intuitive, our design team focused on redefining the design of the website. Our will and that of the SBM? Make it visually modern and attractive while keeping the professional side that makes the reputation of the Mauritian bank.

And for a complete website, our web marketing team also worked on the optimization of SEO, ensuring better visibility at the new website. All content has been reviewed and adapted to the criteria of SEO.

This project involved all the teams of our digital agency in Mauritius. It is with honor that we invite you to discover the new website of the State Bank of Mauritius, bank of the future, here:

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