Our 3 tips for a catchy Facebook advertising

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It is a fact, most of the Facebook ads are unfortunately not profitable. The competition is fierce and sometimes it's difficult to distinguish your ads with other competitors. But it is possible! Here are some tips in order to avoid wasting your money.


A compelling Facebook advert

This tip may seem logical to you. Yet, many digital marketers spend little time creating their own Facebook ads. So what are they thinking about? The reflexion is that if I invest money, my advertising will be obviously visible to everyone. This is completely wrong! On Facebook, people aren’t there to search for something in particular. That’s why it’s important to have a catchy advertisement that goes through these several elements listed below:

  • An adapted format to your campaign objective: carousel, video, photo, etc.
  • high quality visual that will capture their attention.
  • compelling text that will catch on

Analyse your target audience and put yourself in their position to identify their needs and what will motivate them to click-though your advertising. Afterwards, study your competitors, define what you want and don’t want to do according to your objectives, and work on your text and artwork.

Grow your targeted audience

It is definitely not enough to simply publish your Facebook ad and  to reach people with your advert. We must also target as much as possible the audience, that’s why the Facebook advertising manager is for this purpose very well designed and above all quite easy to use.

You can thus choose to target men, women or both, to target a certain age group or a specific place or country. The manager goes even further, since you have the ability to choose the interests of the users you want to reach. Finally, you can also enter your customer file and Facebook will automatically generate an audience similar to yours. Who bring to a more interesting way to target your audience! 


Test and optimize your campaigns

There is no secret, to work on the perfect combination, you must test again and again, and gradually optimize your campaigns and Facebook ads. It’s up to you to take over targeting, modify the images, review your texts or even your advertising layouts…

You will probably lose some money at first, but it will help you to attract people’s attention and make your investment profitable.

Esokia offers its services in the community management and the management of Facebook campaign. We analyse what you have already accomplished and conduct a series of test in order to provide you with concrete feedback on your campaigns. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss about your project.