Esokia, partner of Orange Link for a better customer experience!

Orange Link site ecommerce

Esokia, a web development agency specialized in the creation of e-commerce websites, has been chosen by Orange Link, a subsidiary of Orange, for the redesign of its online platform. Xavier, one of our project managers, tells us about this successful mission!


 What was the project about?

The Orange Link project aimed to improve the customer experience of the Orange Link subsidiary by creating platforms and sites for several markets to purchase mobile communication products and digital services. 

The project involved several project managers and sub-projects aimed at adapting the new platform to the needs and preferences of Orange Link's customers, including diasporas, tourists, travelers and international digital service providers.


When did the project start?

The project started at least 5 years ago, but I've been involved in it for about 2 and a half years. During this time, there have been about 5 or 6 different sites developed for this project, among them Transfert Pays and Travel. The latter is a European version of Transfert Pays, intended for a European audience.

Country Transfer is a service for our African market that allows you to transfer international mobile credit, offering a simple way to stay in touch with your relatives living abroad. For example, if you are in France and you want your loved ones in Africa to be able to call you, you can send a top-up for their cell phone from the site. Recently, we have added two more services: DabaDoc and phone sales.

DabaDoc and Orange have collaborated to launch an innovative new service that allows the African diaspora living in Europe and the United States to provide their loved ones in their home country with an instant video medical consultation.


What technology was used for the e-commerce website?

Orange link site ecommerce

The Transfert Pays website has been developed on the WordPress platform with an important customization that distinguishes it considerably from the standard WooCommerce version. The system is hosted on three back-end servers at our company and on two at Orange Link. The content management system (CMS) is also based on WordPress and is hosted on our infrastructure.

Orange Link recently launched a second website, called Travel, which is a European version of Transfert Pays. This site sells SIM cards for travelers in Europe. Orange Link provides these SIM cards and has added a new service for selling SIM cards in Spain, which comes with an identity verification process (KYC).






What modules were used?

We used custom modules, including:


  • A multi-language module to allow translation of the site into several languages;
  • A multi-domain module to manage several domains from a single site;
  • An import/export module to facilitate the management of site data.


Methods used

We have adopted a hybrid approach combining Kanban and Agile methodologies. We use a kanban to prioritize our tasks, but we are also flexible to adjust our schedule according to new urgent requests or changes in priorities. This flexibility has been a challenge for us.



We are working with three major suppliers for this project. The first one is in charge of the back-office and provides the APIs, it represents our main entry point. The second provider is responsible for the offers on the site, while the third entity is in charge of the SEO management.


Resources and working methods

We worked on this project on a contract basis and dedicated a day and a half of development to it. We hired full time resources, including:

  • 1 Team Leader ;
  • 1 Quality Assurance ;
  • 1 Project Manager ;
  • 2 Developers.


We have also proposed two modes of work: management and fixed price, according to the specific needs of the customer.


The Process

When a client contacts us with a request: 

  • We conduct a thorough analysis of their needs and provide tailored advice. 
  • We then establish an estimate of the work required. 


The other steps of the project depend on the client's decision, whether it is a contract or a fixed-price work mode.


UX/UI Design

For project managers involved in large projects, managing differences of opinion among decision makers is often a major challenge in UX/UI design. As a project manager, I essentially have to find ways to ensure that all stakeholders can express themselves and collaborate constructively without creating tension. To achieve this, I made sure to delegate this task to a specific person in charge of facilitating exchanges and ensuring that all points of view are taken into account.


Development phase

In our development process, we use an agile method based on sprints. The client provides us with the parameters, and we turn them into features to be delivered. Our team of developers work closely together to implement these features, test them and deliver them within a given time frame. 

Although the developers have the final say in development, I am involved in the process and can provide suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the team's work.


QA Testing (Quality Assurance)

The quality assurance phase of the Orange Link project proved to be complex. Despite the implementation of acceptance sheets, we had to face several challenges. The customer's requirements were constantly changing, deadlines were tight, changes to certain functionalities were required, and validation tests revealed unforeseen problems.

We had to be very agile and flexible to meet these challenges. Through our commitment and collaboration, we were able to maintain the quality of the project and meet our clients' expectations. We are committed to continue working closely together to improve our processes and ensure the quality of our deliverables.


Cloud hosting

Les DevOps d'Esokia ont pris en charge l'hébergement dans le cadre du projet Orange Link, tandis qu'Orange a géré l'infrastructure cloud. L'utilisation de l'hébergement cloud présente de nombreux avantages, notamment la flexibilité, la scalabilité et une disponibilité élevée.

Les DevOps ont joué un rôle crucial dans la gestion de l'infrastructure cloud, en assurant le fonctionnement continu des applications et en veillant à la disponibilité des services pour les utilisateurs.


The Orange Link project

The realization of the Orange Link project was an important collaborative effort that involved many actors. The site was successfully delivered, and the work accomplished is remarkable with impeccable quality. While the customer is satisfied, Esokia continues to provide ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of the site and continued customer satisfaction. The success of this project is a testament to Esokia's web development expertise and commitment to excellence.