Navinah: My first days in Esokia!


Here is the evidence of a skill in full bloom! Navinah is a student working as the project assistant chief at the agency for computer software development. New challenges, training, and environment await the young professional on her first days at Esokia.


Hello, my name is Navinah...

Hello readers, my name is Navinah, I am 25 years old and I am currently an intern as an assistant project manager at Esokia, in Mauritius. I invite you to relive my first days in the company. 
To explain the context, Esokia is an international digital company. Comparable to a beehive, it is composed of many professions: design, development, maintenance, hosting of websites, e-commerce, intranet portal, extranet, business application, mobile programming and digital marketing.


Why Esokia ?

Mauritius is becoming a regional ICT and IT hub, so why Esokia in particular? I have always been attracted by the IT world and by chance, I met members of the Esokia team at the job fair organized by the University of Technology of Mauritius. They offered me not only an internship, but also a position as an assistant project manager. I immediately jumped at the opportunity.


An environment that put me at ease right away!

Premiers jours chez EsokiaAlthough it is still widely believed that the IT industry is primarily male, Esokia has been able to perfectly accommodate my introverted nature. I was welcomed with professionalism and warmth at the same time, which is especially crucial for stagiaires: the project managers took the time to go over the duties of the position with me and to address my queries.

If there is one point I would like to emphasize, it is the patience of Esokia's project managers. Always ready to help the newcomers, the trainees, they are all without exception very motivating and encouraging.

As a young IT professional, I consider these two criteria as essential. And I am convinced that they definitely contribute to my desire to go to the office every morning and give my best.

A particular thanks to my manager Franck and mentor Xavier: with each of them, I learn something new every day because of their knowledge and open minds.

Finally, if I were to sum up the business in a few words, I would mention the positive set environment as well as the excellent mentorship program, which is another crucial component for interns. I have flexible hours in addition to being surrounded by coworkers who are always willing to assist.

In conclusion, Esokia is a haven for young professionals seeking a vibrant workplace and a management that is always willing to suggest events to maintain the team spirit.

An exciting and complex job

Le métier de chef de projet est passionnant et complexe à la fois, car son objectif est de motiver les équipes tout en leur assignant des tâches à compléter. Avec le bon soutien et la formation adéquate, ce poste devient un maillon essentiel, efficace, incontournable de l’équipe à laquelle il appartient et qu’il consolide.


What are the project management tasks?

The following list shows that project management is an exciting job, which requires rigor and a great sense of communication. The daily routine is composed of :

  • Planning/information gathering; 
  • Internal workshops and with clients;
  • Communication: informing customers by e-mail, feedback to customers;
  • Risk management;
  • Documentation;
  • Reporting / note taking;
  • Proposal of solutions; 
  • Deliveries ; 
  • Maintenance actions;
  • Time, cost and quality management of projects.


The majority of the project manager's daily interactions are with clients. This is done to ensure accurate information transfer between the teams that request the project and those that carry it out.


How do you manage customer relations?

As each customer is different, the approach and the relationship with each customer must be individually adapted! This requires fluid, transparent, efficient and clear communication.


The training of an assistant project manager is also a team effort

Overall, to evolve, a project manager must be able to rely on his project manager or the manager of his department, while being closely linked to the teams working on his projects.

Esokia has opted for continuous training, a strength in my opinion, because this strategy allows me to constantly learn about the project manager's job. My daily schedule as an assistant project manager is very busy, with :

  • Internal meetings;
  • Meetings with clients;
  • Project follow-up.

I am proud to say that even as an intern, Esokia trusts me by entrusting me with major projects. Let's quote:

  • Beachcomber ;
  • Batimex;
  • DTOS TMA ;
  • Esokia's internal tool.


Finally, a company that meets my expectations!

Esokia met all of my expectations, but more importantly, the company gives me the opportunity to grow professionally every day. I can categorically state that I have finally left my comfort zone, and more than ever, I am willing to take on any challenges that are put before me.


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