MVP: the digital strategy to reduce the risks of your web project


Today, it is easy enough to create a product, a concept with the idea of selling it to a target audience. However, you don't want to invest time, resources, energy and money for an outcome where the profitability is still too uncertain. There are enough examples of start-ups that have suffered from the empirical method allowing us to give you some advice: put all the chances on your side with an MVP (Minimum viable product). Esokia, a development agency specialized in outsourcing, comes back to this formidable strategy which consists in building, measuring and learning within the framework of a web project.

MVP: three small letters for a large strategic choice

When a company plans to create a digital product, it is important to consider the needs of future users while preparing in advance the answers to problems that may arise. This is why there exists what is known as MVP (Minimum viable product, in French), whose objective is essential: to quickly offer a customer-centric, early, highly optimized, but functional product with immediate value, while minimizing costs.
Esokia practicing agile software development, the MVP will allow our teams of experts to create a digital service, a site, a web or mobile application, with minimal but vital functionalities, which will survey the first users. This step is crucial, as it will allow us to gather feedback from these initial users, from which we will proceed with the development of the final and complete functionalities.

Special mention for the agile method

At Esokia, we practice the Agile method for several reasons:

  •  To guarantee you the same quality results throughout the development of your web project;
  •  A better adaptability of our teams of developers, whatever the circumstances;
  •  A better cost rationalization for your project;


Why and how can MVP optimize your software development project?

Why create an MVP?

We live in an era of precision and customization. The best example to illustrate this trend is marketing: this sector has no hesitation in exploiting the slightest bit of information and feedback from consumers in order to make them calibrated offers.
For its side, your start-up is in a phase of questioning:

  •  Is our digital product relevant?
  •  How should it work to attract, convince and retain its users?
  •  How can it be optimized so that it is profitable and at a lower cost?

To be one of those companies that have succeeded in offering a 100% functional product, which has allowed them to solidify their business strategy, you must be inspired by marketing to satisfy the users of your digital product, not to say anticipate their needs.

How do I create an MVP?

To create a relevant MVP, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • The exact issue your company wants to address and for whose benefit;
  • Analyze what the competition is offering in the market (monthly traffic, traffic sources, website or application ranking (global and national), geographical location of users, etc.).
  • The different steps that will be followed by users to reach their goal on your site ;
  •  The required functionalities and their order of importance: main functionalities, secondary functionalities, features, etc.
  •   Feedback on the MVP, upcoming tests and conclusions

This minimum viable product will provide Esokia with all the necessary answers for a precise IT development. As for the other advantages of this strategy :

  •  Obtaining rapid feedback while minimizing development costs;
  •  Functionalities efficiently modified or removed without wasting resources;
  •  A full-scale study of your users' behavior and your market;
  •  The possibility for any developer to correct possible errors on a simplified product, therefore a lower cost.

A complete team at the service of your web project

Once the specifics of your MVP are agreed upon, Esokia will set up a team composed of :

  •  A product owner;
  •  A specialist in User Experience (UX);
  •  One or more Full-Stack developers.

Together, they will create a turnkey MVP that can be used upon delivery.

MVP advantages : a winning bet for a web project that will mark the history of your company!

The MVP is a concrete tool, easy to implement. As its name suggests, it will allow your company to quickly gauge the relevance of your product at a lower cost. Esokia, specialist in web and software development, provides you with experts able to transform your IT project into a commercial success !

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