What trends will impact mobile development in 2023?


Would you like to finalize your project for developing a mobile application throughout this new year? How do you distinguish your software from the 63 million others available on Google Play and the Apple App Store? What innovations should you choose to create a unique customer experience and a genuine connection with your audience? Finding the most relevant mobile development trends for 2023 to incorporate into your marketing strategy!

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Which mobile trends to adopt in 2023?

The objective for a company is to offer its users exactly what they want, what they expect. It is a way for the company to demonstrate in a concrete way that it is constantly listening to them and that it makes every effort to respond to those who have chosen to trust it. 

At the same time, it must take into consideration two vital factors: today, the public's wishes and expectations change very regularly while the world of mobile development innovates and evolves almost daily.

To help you solve this equation, here is our selection of trends to watch very closely.


5G technology

When it comes to mobile application development, 5G will become increasingly prevalent and offer : 

  • Faster connections;
  • Considerable reduction in latency;
  • Improved image resolution;
  • Better speed and fluidity in data transfer between connected devices and smartphones;
  • The ability for developers to create new features seamlessly;
  • Greater optimization and security of mobile payments.


Foldable smartphones

Samsung, Motorola, Huawei have already put their foldable smartphones on the market and it is essential to keep an eye on these little gems of technology. They will have to occupy a place, maybe not central, but important in your mobile application development strategy in 2023.


Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have made their grand entrance into the world of mobile application development. Whether used together or separately, they have the ability to offer an immersive experience to users


Applications for wearable devices

Here, we are talking about connected watches and glasses! As an innovative company, you need to look at technology and so-called "wearable" mobile apps to expand your target audience. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

In 2022, we witnessed the advent of Artificial Intelligence! Witness FaceApp and MyHeritageApp, two mobile applications dedicated to image processing. Or Google Maps, which contains Live view, an augmented reality navigation mode in large indoor spaces. 

As for Machine Learning, it should be joined by Deep Learning. The duo should allow mobile application developers to create tools capable of providing even more detailed data while conducting real-time analysis.


Multi-purpose mobile applications

While single-use mobile applications will continue to be popular in 2023, it will also be a good idea for companies to expand the scope of their users. Why not opt for a digital solution capable of meeting multiple needs? 

Very common in Asia, these "Super Apps" allow smartphone users to chat, pay for transportation, order meals and other purchases, sell products and services without having to change mobile applications for each action.


P2P mobile applications

Selon eMarketer, les transactions mobiles faites à travers les applications P2P devraient peser 612,23 milliards de dollars durant les 12 prochains mois. Surveillez de très près l’évolution des applications mobiles P2P en 2023 et mettez en place cette technologie si votre entreprise le nécessite ! 


Mobile Digital Commerce

More and more consumers are purchasing goods and services through their smartphones. The numbers speak for themselves, with this method of commerce generating $3.56 billion in 2022. Keep in mind that consumers have definitely embraced mobile app purchases since the COVID pandemic. 

In 2023, add a string to your bow by proposing to your customers to buy your good or service remotely, easily, thanks to a mobile application in the image of your company, created by an experienced development agency!

Final applause for our list of mobile trends for 2023. Mobile application developers should expect some gorgeous creations in the 12 months to come.

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