JavaScript and Python skills: what do companies really want in 2023?


JavaScript and Python skills will continue to be highly sought after by recruiters in 2023. That's the conclusion of The State of Tech Hiring in 2023 study by CodinGame and CoderPad. It is based on the responses of 14,000 technology professionals. It is a perfect demonstration that web development has become a major issue for all companies, regardless of their size and industry. Whether you're a developer looking for a job or a recruiter looking for IT development talent, here's what you need to know for the next 12 months.

Zoom in on JavaScript skills

We observe consistency between the demand and supply of JavaScript talents when compared to prior years. Both developers and recruiters can attest to this.

Currently, according to the statistics:

  • 61.54% of developers have JavaScript skills;
  • 52.93% of recruiters are looking for developers for this language.


What are the JavaScript skills to have in 2023?

The skills in JavaScript will be the most sought after in 2023. Indeed, to face the competition, companies need to increase the interactions and dynamic animations on their web applications, hybrid mobile applications, games, etc. To achieve this, they will need experts with a complete mastery of this language.

Developers, in addition to CSS, HTML, jQuery (JavaScript framework) and asynchronous programming (Prototypes, Scope, Hosting, Coercion, etc.), here are your areas of improvement. Recruiters, watch for these qualifications.


React JS (Library)

Task management should be easier in 2023 and this is achieved through the open-source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook. React JS also allows to quickly create interactive user interfaces and web applications with less code.

What does The State of Tech Hiring in 2023 say


  • 30.93% of developers have skills in React;

  • 41.37% of recruiters are looking for developers for this language.


 Node JS (Tool)

Back-end development is more and more frequently done through Node Js. Companies now want their web applications to run outside the client's browser.


What does The State of Tech Hiring in 2023 say?

  • 36.59% of developers have skills in Node JS;
    29.51% of recruiters are looking for developers for this language.



This version control program records changes made by developers, who can also use it to view their previous code.


Algorithms and data structures

A data structure is the mathematical or logical model of a data organization. It is simply a matter of organizing a large amount of information in such a way that it can be quickly read by a computer. This is done while requiring a minimum of memory space.

As for algorithms, they are chains of specific instructions broken down into steps and implemented to perform a task or solve a problem.

Cross-browser coding

In 2023, the JavaScript developer must master cross-browser coding. This is to create web applications supported by several web browsers.


Zoom in on Python skills

The observation is similar for Python, a general purpose programming language. It is used for web development, data science, data analysis, machine learning, scripting, game creation, system programming, etc


What are the Python skills to have in 2023?

The Python programming language is sought after for its ability to offer a simple and readable approach to code, its large community of developers, and its many libraries and frameworks.

According to figures from the State of Tech Hiring in 2023, at present :

  • 62.48% of developers have Python skills;
  • 39.66% of recruiters are looking for developers for this language.

Python developers, in addition to mastering JavaScript, CSS, HTML, data structure, exception handling, object-oriented programming, etc., these are your areas of improvement. Recruiters, look for these qualifications.


Object Relational Mappers

This programming technique uses object-oriented programming languages to create an integrable virtual object database. This allows the conversion of data between two initially incompatible systems.


Data science, machine learning and AI

In 2023, companies will increase their use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and AI to overcome the economic crisis. Python will play a key role in making their IT development projects a reality.

The multi-process architecture

By mastering the multi-process architecture, Python developers will more effectively separate the back-end from the front-end.


Version control

Developers need to know how to look at previous repeated changes to the source code.


Know how to use Python libraries

Python libraries are real gold mines, when used efficiently. Containing all the documentation and advice, they allow to gain flexibility and increase the resolution capacity.


Knowledge of front-end technologies

A Python developer needs to be able to work with the right front-end technologies to make sure that the client side reflects the back-end. By mastering the front-end technologies, they create a look and feel that matches both sides.


2023, the year of all challenges for JavaScript and Python developers and recruiters!


JavaScript or Python developers and recruiters will have to work separately in 2023. The former to increase their skills and the latter to find the most relevant skills.


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