IT outsourcing, a strategic lever for your company.

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Digitalization is more than a reality, it has become a necessity. Vital for development, to gain flexibility and skills, it now concerns all companies in all sectors, from the smallest structures to very large organizations. Thanks to IT outsourcing, this evolution is naturally integrated in the internal functioning, allowing us to overcome the numerous challenges that arise. Zoom in on the advantages of a business strategy that has convinced hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide.

64.2 zettabytes of data in 2020 alone

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 64.2 zettabytes, or just over 64 trillion billion bytes of data being processed and replicated in 2020! This figure illustrates the growing power of data in the development and profitability of the modern enterprise. On the other hand, companies are still learning how to collect data quickly and in large quantities, at controlled costs, and how to store, analyze and distribute it.
However, when the company does not have the necessary resources to achieve this effectively and in a business intelligence scheme, it can rely on IT outsourcing.

IT outsourcing, a long-term partnership

IT outsourcing and all its sub-domains such as software or web development outsourcing, is a B2B service allowing the client company to delegate part or all of its IT service to a specialized provider. The core business of the latter revolves around a mastered know-how of each element that makes up the production chain: recruitment, HR management, technical and methodological expertise, tools. The service provider provides all the resources that the client's digital factory needs. Here are a few non-exhaustive examples:

  • Development of web, mobile and/or software applications;
  • Development and/or management of databases;
  • Infrastructures (installation and assistance of hardware, software and network, cloud computing) ;
  • Technical support and/or help desk, networks and communications, data center management, data storage, security, etc.

If IT outsourcing used to be considered as a low-cost solution, and was only intended to reduce costs and handle low-value-added tasks, it has now gained in power. So much so that it now carries a certain weight in the company's business strategy.
Easy and quick to implement, with competitive costs, it responds to issues such as the shortage of manpower and skills. IT outsourcing has become the most relevant solution for recruiting and gaining agility by intervening at several levels:

Lower costs

IT outsourcing is synonymous with cost reduction. It's no secret that hiring and training an internal resource has a cost, for example several thousand euros in France. Add to that the cases where the resource is not used to its full potential. IT outsourcing solves this trend by offering great flexibility: hire an IT developer according to your needs, on a short-term basis, for the duration of a project, on a long-term basis, etc. The rate varies, depending on the same factors.

A gain in efficiency

By hiring an agency specialized in IT outsourcing, the latter has all the necessary experience to improve the functioning of the client company. Organization of the workflow, automation of certain tasks, upgrading of internal equipment, inclusion of technologies absent in the company: gain a better position compared to the competition.

Expertise and experience

While the in-house IT team tends to see only the IT issues that have already occurred in the company, the outsourcer has a much broader knowledge base that is nurtured by experience gained in a wider scope. In addition, they are constantly trained on new developments in order to deliver a state-of-the-art service to their employer's customers.

Expertise and experience

The company does not always have all the resources it really needs, which can make it lose time when faced with the complexity of certain IT systems. IT outsourcing allows to delegate this type of need, thus allowing the company to focus on its core business, thus reaching its marketing and financial objectives.

Increased security

La cybersécurité est un sujet de poids. L’expertise apportée par l’outsourcing IT est sans nul doute la meilleure stratégie pour être à jour dans son système de sécurité informatique. Mise à jour logiciel, solutions de sécurité, la protection interne monte en grade grâce à une intervention externe !

Compliance with the standards of conformity

Regulations are constantly changing, and failure to comply can be costly to the business. IT outsourcing supports business compliance with scalable strategies dedicated to meeting current standards.
A better positioning compared to the competition
It can be complex for a small or medium-sized business to have the same resources as large companies. IT outsourcing allows you to get up to speed without spending more. Expertise, equipment and support level, the provider has all the necessary tools and resources and adapts them to the needs of its customers.

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Our advice for including IT outsourcing at the heart of your processes

There are countless companies that have opted for IT outsourcing and have managed to fully integrate it into their organization. Added to an Agile management, this solution allows to rely on optimized interfacing.
One of Esokia's IT outsourcing success stories is Inspectforless, a product and service inspection marketplace. By combining our full in-house development team with their operations, the company can now count on accelerated development and aim for an MVP within 3 months. The ingredients for this success? Agile principles such as daily standup, rapid progress in 2-week sprint, regular demonstrations of progress.

Selection of the outsourcing provider

One of the key factors in choosing the right outsourcing provider is time - take your time, but act quickly. Today, selecting the right provider means juggling procurement, acceleration, standardization of solutions and contracts, and due diligence.
IT outsourcing specialists have been quick to understand this new way of working and are responding with fast and very detailed solutions. These solutions are based on existing processes, but adapted to new standards and trends.

Controlled change management

IT outsourcing in a context of massive digitalization takes into consideration the human aspect within the company. Openness, communication, transparency, the company must include its employees in its outsourcing process in order to create a hybrid team aware of its role and its importance in the identified and future challenges. The results of such a practice are not to be taken lightly: a smooth transition, savings in time and resources, buy-in, and an enhanced corporate reputation.

Flexible contracts

Yes, outsourcing is a solution that can be implemented in the long term within the company, but the company must be able to use it according to its needs. Therefore, the most efficient providers offer structured, shorter and flexible contracts.

IT outsourcing, one of the pillars of tomorrow's company.

IT outsourcing is definitely a lever for digitalization. By becoming a model of organization, this strategy manages to pull the company upwards in a context of intense globalization.

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