Ionic unleashes Hybride Applications Potential



Ionic is an Open Source which uses a list of components based on performance (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and optimized for mobile app development. it is based on Sass, Angular JS and Cordova.

Contrary to Cordova, Ionic has not only the specificity to provides UI components but also to be modified with Sass which is really popular in the sector. With this framework, developers don't have to spend time in choosing which user interface to pick. So, you can focus on logical business for the application.

Jérémy Gachet, our Consultant, shares his Ionic expertise :

« Hybride development creates mobile applications from web technology. Adaptaded to standard needs, it allows you to go deeper without learning specifical languages for each OS Mobile. It emphasizes usage of « native » applications for technical logics in which advanced features in tablets or mobiles are requested. Hybride technologies have a competitive advantage, they need few changes to be used on several OS. So we need to develop only one and a unique application for both, iOS and Android. 

Ionic is a recent framework which met the expectations to the developers' current needs in a efficient way. It has a dual role. Generally speaking, hybride applications request a usage of several technologies in the meantime. Ionic sert de pont entre elles. It outperforms Cordova Framework to ensure an easy usage and to save time. It provides a list of optimized reusable components for mobiles, as a Twitter bootstrap or as a Foundation in the web world.

In a very short time, Ionic knew how to create a very engaged community and now, it offers additional services like updates without going to the App Store or a push notification service system for iOS and Android.

Democratization of applications is now and Ionic is the perfect tool to participate in these changes. ». 

Ionic has also a blog and a market.

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