Implement your chatbot with Esokia!

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What does the chatbot mean? Also known as a conversational agent, the chatbot is actually a program designed to simulate a chat conversation with the user in a very natural way. Whatever the field of activity of the company and service that you are, nowadays, chatbots became increasingly popular. Many major brands, such as SNCF or Ikea, have chosen this technology to best meet their customers’ needs. At Esokia, we quickly understood the importance of these software packages and we, therefore, offer to plan the integration of this software when developing your website.


The chatbot to guide your client

The main objective of the chatbot is to help and guide your customer in his buying process on your website. This means that potential customers do not waste their time finding what they are looking for, but they also take more precautions to close the purchase of their products. Thus, there’s no need to go through the FAQ and spend too much time on the website, otherwise, the customers will get bored and leave it. It’s a considerable advantage, as the user will feel personally supported.


The chatbot to humanize the online experience

The chatbot was first established in the 1960s when MIT created the Eliza program. At that time, the system was principally used to simulate a conversation with a psychiatrist. The technology was relatively new and the discussions were not as fluid as in reality. Today, technologies have evolved - especially with advances in artificial intelligence - and are more adapted to the context of the discussion. A chatbot will obviously not replace a human advisor who is able to guide the client orally and naturally but, it will further humanize the user's online experience and navigation. The aim is that the Internet user does not find himself "alone" in front of his screen wondering where to look for information. It’s a real advantage when you know that 79% of French people prefer to deal directly with a person. The chatbot could thus change that. 


The chatbot as a marketing tool with high potential

Even if the support remains basic (finding a product, a category, etc.), with the chatbot is a beneficial tool for the business. Today, this technology is constantly improving its skills in order to facilitate the conversation and to respond more humanely to the customer needs and experience. It is also and above all a great way to collect data for its database. Nowadays, many brands have realized that and chatbots are now part of CRM systems. So, it’s a real marketing tool for brands that can offer products that correspond further to the customer's profile. Moreover, It is now possible to integrate chatbots on social media platforms and interconnect them in order to update messages more easily on all platforms.


Chatbots are constantly evolving and today they have the strength to be integrated into the marketing strategy of a company. So, if you want to improve your strategy or have a website project including a chatbot, contact us for more information.