How to better protect your website against cyberattacks?

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TMA | Work Plan


Our site is an open window to the world for your business with a very important impact on the perception of your products and services.
It is therefore essential that its contents, its modules and its plugins are updated.
For many companies, once their website is created, it is very often left abandoned after creation. We do not care anymore for lack of time and skills, until a major attack takes place.
And it is from that moment that everything can fall apart. The majority of affected sites are often made on the CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. The main reasons are that CMS is not updated (Drupal, Magento) and there is also a lack of update for plugins (WordPress).

And it can quickly become very expensive! According to NTT Com Security, recovering from a cyberattack would cost an average of 300,000 euros for a company with 1,000 or fewer employees, and 1.3 million euros for a company with more than 5,000 employees.
But especially the resolution of the problem or problems due to cyberattacks requires an average of 9 weeks and therefore an interruption of the website or application for 9 weeks.
Esokia offers you a tailor-made Tierce Maintenance Application (TMA) offer, allowing you to avoid finding yourself in this dramatic situation.
The TMA means outsourcing the maintenance of the sites / applications of the company which can be whole or partial.
The virtues of the TMA for your business are:

  • being able to refocus internal teams on activities of great importance to your company
  • benefits from functional and technical expertise that is difficult to maintain internally
  • mastering your dedicated digital system budget
  • reducing the risk of cyberattacks on your digital platforms