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Digital strategy has become very fashionable but sometimes seems to be a bit vague.  It actually defines a company's strategy in marketing and communication that is based on new technologies and the different channels they offer. It is thus expressed in the form of an action plan to ensure the good presence of the company on the Internet. At Esokia, we make it a point of honor to support our customers in their digital strategy and advise them on the right decisions to make. So, how to develop an effective digital strategy?

Define the frame

The first thing to do to carry out its digital strategy is to create a first frame by answering the classic questions:  Who? - What? - Where? - When? - How? Answering these questions will allow you to better understand your expectations, know if they seem feasible and define an approximate intervention framework: what you want, what are the company's strategic objectives, your resources, financial means, target, needs, etc.

Carry out a strategic audit of its Internet presence

We then recommend that you carry out a strategic audit of your current web presence. Study in detail and on all channels what has already been achieved:

  • Existing social networks
  • Ads on social networks
  • SEO work
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Websites and optimizations made on it
  • Content writing
  • Netlinking
  • Etc.

This step is essential as it will allow you to define your current strengths and weaknesses and take them into account in your future digital strategy. To make it easier, go back to the old communication plans and see what worked and what did not work. A digital strategy must imperatively be integrated into the  company's overall communication strategy. This is the only way to maintain consistency in your actions. The digital strategy complements the communication strategy. 

Define the objectives of its digital strategy

Once you have a clearer idea of your expectations and what has already been achieved, you can define your objectives in an enlightened way. Two types are to be distinguished: 

  • The strategic objectives specific to your company, such as the revenue to be achieved online by that date. 
  • The objectives of web indicators such as the number of subscribers on the Facebook page or the rank obtained in search engines. 

Indicators, therefore, impact on whether or not the strategic objectives have been achieved. In contrast to the strategic objectives, web indicators may evolve and be modified to achieve the strategic objectives.

Choose your positioning and the relevant channels 

Obviously, it is also necessary to define its positioning in order to choose which supports to work with. Your positioning will depend on whether you are BtoBor BtoC. Watch out! In BtoC, positioning can be multiple if, for example, a product is adapted to a particular target. So, study your target or targets carefully.

By choosing your target, you will know where it is and how to reach it. The main channels used in a digital strategy are the following:

  • The websites of the company or third parties
  • Mobile apps
  • Social networks
  • Emails

It will then be necessary to ensure the traffic to these channels through different techniques:

  • Advertising on social networks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Engine Optimization
  • Email campaigns
  • Advertisements in the form of banners on third party sites
  • Etc.

What Esokia offers for your digital strategy

At Esokia, we can assist you in the implementation and development of your digital strategy from A to Z, i. e. from consulting to the implementation of technical actions and digital marketing. 

We distinguish two essential elements of your digital strategy: technology and digital marketing. By technique, we mean all the development aspects of our work: development of mobile applications and e-commerce websites, corporates, intranet, etc.  Development is an integral part of the DNA of our digital agency. We have teams of experts in several technologies (Drupal, WordPress, Sitefinity, Magento, iOS, Android, etc.) and present in 4 production centers: Mauritius, Serbia, Madagascar and Costa Rica. We also propose to support our customers in their digital marketing actions in order to go further in their digital strategy. Our web marketing team takes care of community management, SEO, SEA, content writing, net linking, etc.  Our web marketing team takes care of community management, SEO, SEA, content writing, net linking, etc. And everyone has regular monitoring of performance and objectives. We have recently assisted the hotel group SUN Resort in redesigning its websites and redefining its SEO strategy.

So if you want to accelerate the company's development, the implementation of a digital strategy is now necessary and must be included in your overall communication strategy.  You can go even further by integrating the whole inbound marketing with the implementation of a CRM, for example.


Esokia offers to advise you in the development of your digital strategy and to assist you in the implementation of concrete actions resulting: creation of a website or a mobile application, management of social networks, advertising on the social networks, SEO, paid search, content writing, etc. Want to learn more? Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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