Esokia is welcoming French Tech Mauritius

Esokia is welcoming French Tech Mauritius.

Indeed, at Esokia, we are passionate by the digital world, we like new technologies, and we are always on the lookout for innovation in this domain. We also are a company and as every business owner, we want to develop our organization. That’s why, when the French Tech Mauritius was announced, we were really impatient to know more about this project! Here’s a little presentation. 


What is French Tech? 

«French Tech » brings together every person who work in or for a French startup in France or abroad and who desires the growth of start-ups and their international standing. It can be business owners, investors, developers, associations, research institutes, etc. 

Created at the end of 2013 by French Government, French Tech initiative is an innovative public policy which strives after the place of France among the big startup nations and which wants to create economic value and many jobs. 

As a collective and open brand, a lot of people can use it. Quickly known and appreciated by startupers, French Tech grown until be used in France, but also by French business owners and startupers established in a foreign country.


What is a French Tech Hub? 

Abroad, French startupers and business owners has the opportunity to get together in a French Tech Hub in order to give an acceleration to their activity and a better visibility. That is what happened for French Tech Mauritius. The French Tech certification would galvanize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mauritius. 

France and Mauritius have a close and historical partnership. French Tech Mauritius initiative would help to reinforce and highlight this connection, but would also participate in the development of the country and its transition as a country with high revenue.


Why Esokia supports French Tech Mauritius?

At Esokia, we are particularly invested in the little group of French business owners and startupers in Mauritius. We often participate at events with French and Mauritian business owners (Sport contest of the CCI France Maurice), at IT events in Mauritius (KrakathonDigital Night Mauritius, etc.).

We want to actively participate at the positive reputation of French startups and France abroad and give the opportunity for everyone to develop his business in good conditions. We invite every person concerned by this initiative to go on the French Tech website to stay informed of events and news!

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