Esokia endorses totally Drupal 8

drupal 8

Esokia is excited about Drupal 8 released! 

Drupal 8 is a real new experience for users. It breaks down the rules for all developers.

A large part of Symfony are in the codebase and Twig is the template engine.

Concerning the site-building part, Drupal 8 is much more performant than Drupal 7. Popular modules, as Views, only available as add-on modules in Drupal 7, are now part of the new version of Drupal 8.

Content-administrators are also concerned about the new changes. Now, they have a front-end editing for more conveniency.

But what do our Technical Director, Patrick Morin, is thinking about this new release ? He is expert in programming since more than 10 years.

Patrick Morin : "Drupal 8 is a new major version of Drupal. This new update ensures more interoperability with third-party tools because of its RESTful style, allowed by Symfony integration.

Drupal 8 guarantees a better users experience because of its Mobile First approach.

Drupal 6 and 7 were criticized for not being ergonomic for the backoffice and to be too procedural which was not really user-friendly. Drupal 8 fixes these problems which makes it more performant and more convenient for all users.

Drupal 8 is much more object oriented. We need to wait few weeks to the major modules be available in Drupal 8 but we can't wait to start new projects with our clients with Drupal 8 !" 

Drupal 8 is now available on its dedicated page on Drupal website, here. You can even have a demo.

To have more information about the major Drupal 8 changes, we invite you to read The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 by Acquia. 

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